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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
Name: Alexander (version 1.2)
Full Name: Alexander Kruchin
Army: Blue Moon
Age: 19
Creative Section: Treedweller
Technical Section: Kireato

Bio: Widely considered Blue Moonís most promising future leader yet, Alexander is regarded highly by the nationís current leader and dictator, Olaf. Though he is indeed in training for politics rather than war, heís spurred on by Olaf to continue his schooling as a commanding officer for when he takes the reigns as head of the nation.

Taught by his father people pleasing techniques to maintain power, Alexander chose to take this a couple steps further right on the political spectrum, adopting caring for the proletariat at the top of his politcal agenda. Despite his father's incesstant influence and war-monger-like personality, Alexander grew up with a natural aversion to war and maintained an open and tolerant mind towards people of all walks of life. However, he could not deny his father's persuasive personality for long, and he was forced to take up military strategy and tactics in addition to his schooling. Thinking that's all he would have to do with current military skirmishes, Alex was much relieved until his father put him in charge of Blue Moon defenses during the second great war. This burden came as a shock, and Alex refused vehemently; he hated war, and especially the way it left a country and its people in shambles.

'Alex my boy, now's your chance to change all that. Show the people that you're doing your best for them and that you care for them; that is, unless you want me to put a commander in charge that doesn't care as much about our citizens as you?'

Hearing this from Olaf was too much, and Alexander gave in, though rather sulkily. However, his father wouldn't have just left the country in the hands of a young, inexperienced boy, and he subsequently left Sasha -daughter of the richest family in Blue Moon- in charge of his training. They bore through the first few obligatory awkward moments, and soon became fast friends. He even discovered why Sasha, so ladylike and reserved in appearence, chose to take such a career path despite her obvious dislike for aggressive manuevers.

'It's simple really; you don't get far relying on other people to make decisions and choices for you in something you feel strongly about, and I chose to be a part of war rather than distance myself from it.'

This simple statement struck Alex, and he knew that she was right. Why hide from what you hate and hope it will go away on it's own? He would try and change the face of war, to eliminate it completely and improve the lives of his citizens, by being a part of it and in control of it. It was so obvious, yet he never realized it until now. Though Alexander knew he'd never get used to military conflict, he understood he'd at least be making a difference. He continued his training, and he and Sasha easily defeated the last remnants of Black Hole within Blue Moon.

When his father got back from defeating Sturm, Olaf found himself greeted by a more mature and intelligent son who was ready to change the world. Alex continued to work with Sasha, though this time by through negotiations and the forming of treaties with Orange Star, Blue Moon, and Green Earth to keep the peace and prevent another conflict from breaking out. Through these agreements, they managed to get the other nations to acquiesce to a final treaty and form the alliance of the Allied Nations to hopefully deter any further threats from Black Hole. This was their final triumph, and was the glue that held the nations together during the Macro Land Wars. However, there was some contention between Orange Star and Blue Moon during the treaty-forging, mostly from the outspoken and outdated former commander-in-chief Hachi. He strongly opposed a uniting of the two previous enemies, but was eventually overriden by Nell. This however caused Alex to harbour a strong dislike for the old man, and as such they can never be quite civil when in eachother's presence.

Despite their work together, Alex and Sasha never forged a romantic relationship through unspoken agreement. However, they're continually encouraged by their parents to some day be wedded, as both groups have something to gain. Olaf, money for his campaigns and rallies, Sasha's father, for the unlimited political influence. So far, their plans have not come to fruition.

Alex's care for the people and peace have become apparent to all of Blue Moon, and the citizens eagerly await the day that he may lead them.

Description: Alexander is a young man with sharp features and a handsome face. He has vivid blue eyes, and dark brown hair slightly longer than typically seen. He wears a black tuxedo, with black pants and a white shirt underneath. The coat is undone, and itís distinctly obvious heís not wearing a tie. He is of medium build and average height.

Skills: All units are 100/100 day-to-day due to his lack of interest in specializing himself in the art of war.

Peace, Books

CO Power: Peace Riots
Alexander impresses upon people of all nations the obvious pointlessness of war through all means at his disposal. As a result the people hold riots and demonstrations, causing all current captures to be dismissed. All enemy captures are halted and facilities are set back to default Hp (does not affect allied forces). Additionally, thanks to his popularity with the people, he receives a 1.5* capture modifier. Default +10/10 bonus.

Super CO Power: Inevitable Revolution
Alexander convinces the people to free themselves of the shackles of exploitation and join in his cause, spurring mayhem and disruption. All enemies receive no funding next turn. Additionally, the people hand over what resources they can to Alexanderís control; he receives 3/4 of current enemy funds at the time of activation [this part of the SCOP is merely to ensure the enemy remains at low funding next turn and will usually result in little impact]. Default +10/10 bonus.

Power Quotes
"Comrades, I beg of you to see from my eyes..."
"There is more to war than simply bullets and explosions."
"Revolution from above!"
"Express yourselves, my dear people, through action rather than words!"
"Now we shall see where their sympathies really belong."
"Come now, you really didn't think that your people's loyalty is won through violence, did you?"

Victory Quotes
"Ah, I see now! This is why the citizens were on my side all along."

S-Rank Ratings:

Rate #2
familyguyman, Apr 14 2006

Creative Score:

Name: Same deal as before. 5/5

Bio: Well, the history is top notch as is the extremly detailed emotional status of Alex, however the physical dexcription, while fairly detailed, is missing just that little extra...detail to make it perfect. 9/10

Quotes: They have been cleaned up and are overall better, but still just a bit too long. I don't see how could shoten them without rewriting them all together, so just keep them as is, the one point won't kill you. 4/5

Creative Total: 18/20 Near perfection, you can try and put the extra two points in, the physcial description would be easy to fix and if you want to try the quotes, go ahead, but I don't think it will be necessary.

Technical Score:

Day To Day Ability: Bland is fine. 0/0

COP: Still great, no changes made. 37/40

SCOP: This cost you points last time, and I am glad you fixed it up. I still think the premise of the power is strong as it forces the opponent to spend almost all their money every turn while this is charged. However, you did make it more balanced than before so you do get more points, but I think the natural premis of the power is near impossible to get perfect. Great job though. 35/40

Technical Total: 72/80

Grand Total: 18 + 72 = 90/100 => Score

Comments: I am very impressed by this CO and I think it is fine the way it is. You could probably get this CO to be higher rated by tweaking a few aspects, but I doubt you could really make this CO better than it is. The concept is solid, though restricting, and the execution is near perfect. Congrats Treedweller, if all goes well (and it easily will), welcome to the Hall Of Fame.
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