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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
<bgsound src="cco/sprites/edge.wma" loop="infinite">

Sprite made entirely by Fatal Kitsune, Baboonius made the expressions and Kosh did the D2D bar <3
Theme music: EdgeHog, composed by Freelance_FoX <3 (right click to download)

Name: Edge (version 2.8)
Full Name: Edgar "Edge" Newbouaer
Army: Blue Moon
Age: 21

Biography: Edgar was raised in a posh, classy and rich family in Blue Moon. He was given the best education, was significantly pampered and taught good manners, respect and proper values. Edgar was a smart, respectful and healthy little boy, everything his parents dreamed for, however, Edgar had a wild side. Despite his education, he often did stupid little acts with his friends, such as having rolling races down his spiral staircase and climbing roofs, columns, fences, small mountains and such without supervision and proper safety measures. He needed excitement in his childhood, and if his parents couldn't provide that, he figured he would find it himself.

Later on in life, he kept this same attitude, but as he grew smarter and his parents teaching of morals and fair values grew with him, he developed a subtle elitism. He believed that he was better than everyone else and that if he had the same handicap, it was unfair to his opponents, and he often played games under big disadvantages to balance this, since he won and lost a somewhat equal amount of soccer and videogames against friends, the attitude stayed with him.

In his mid teens, his family grew even richer and moved to an even posher neighbourhood, where he met Sasha and Colin. He did not get on very well with Colin, as he disliked his constant low self-esteem and self doubts, however, Sasha's strong personality and confidence bode well with Edgar, and they became friends almost instantly. Infact it was Sasha who gave him his nickname after he took his Dad's Mercedes for a spin, unsupervised as a 14 year old, and he was known as Edge ever since.

However, in the midst the depression, during the war at Cosmo Land, that struck Blue Moon, Edge's family was reduced to a middle class life as their stocks stumbled and fell, as did Sasha's. However, Edge liked his new life with 'commoners'. The middle class life was fun for him. Everyday it was a battle to keep up with the staggering economy, and Edge liked a challenge, but he missed Sasha. At the age of 18, he heard Sasha joined the army, as a treasurer. Edge tried joining aswell, but he was denied. However, the army was not about to waste Edge's talents, wits and intelligence, and they held him in reserve for a while.

Edge worked as a feedback ticket with the Foot Soldier squadrons, running back and forth to commanders. He quickly learnt to respect the bravery these soldiers had, fighting against massive squads of tanks and planes, he respected how tough they had it. Throughout the war, Edge's persistence, accuracy and helpfulness to the war effort was admired. He quickly rose through the ranks with his ability to do the impossible, and was never afraid to take the more dangerous jobs. His efforts were very much appreciated by Blue Moon and after the Cosmo Land war, he was promoted to a Commanding Officer, and continued to serve Blue Moon.

Ingame Description: Edge is a CO who loves to live and fight on the edge. He prefers risks and gambles over safety.

Personality: Edge is very confident in himself and his abilities, but since he was raised in a posh, snobby and upper class family for most of his childhood, he has developed a subtle elitism. Although he is polite and has strong values of justice and and a fair go for all, he believes he is better than the rest and often disadvantages himself, as he believes if he was fighting with the same advantage, it would be unfair.

He likes the company of other strong minded individuals and although he is nice to people with low self esteem, he tends to dislike them. Edge also likes being around careless and exciting people, as he likes to get into mischief, usually when the stakes are high of him getting caught or seriously hurting himself.

Description: Edge is now middle class, and thus has a plain look, not being able to afford expensive clothes he once wore. Edge is still young and thus doesn't feel the need to dress smartly, as he isn't very posh. He wears a plain tracksuit and pants, with a plain cap. He wears regular joggers as he's constantly running around the place and has a very laid back approach to life, represented by his laid back gestures and stature.


Edge likes to live on the edge, so his units are stronger when attacking stronger units, but he hates having unfair advantges, so his units attacking weaker units are weaker. He appreciates how tough foot soldiers have and is against putting them under more pressure.

Standard Stats D2D:
+20% attack when attacking units more expensive (i.e. Artillery vs Tank)
-10% attack when attacking uits that are cheaper (i.e. Tank vs Artillery)
Regular attack on even matchups (tank vs tank)
Any and all footsoldiers aren't affected at all (Recon's are still 100/100 vs Inf and Inf are still 100/100 vs Recon's).

CO Power: Eccentricity
Edge gets angry at the amount of cheesy and unfair tactics his opponent uses, and he lets his enemy know. Edge lets out a furious burst of power which allows his little units to stick up for themselves.

Standard Stats during Power:
-160/130 when attacking more expensive units (bar Foot Soldiers)
-30% counterattack increase when counterattacking a more expensive unit (Bar Footsoldiers)
-100/110 when attacking the same unit
-90/110 when attacking a cheaper unit

Super CO Power: Tempestous Technique
Edge gets absolutely furious at his opponent, and he pulls strings left, right and centre to teach his opponent a lesson or two.

Standard Stats during Super Power:
-130/110 when attacking more expensive units (bar Foot Soldiers)
-All of Edge's units are 20% cheaper for this turn. This also takes into account battles, i.e. A Submarine will get the attack boost against a Cruiser.
-If one of Edge's units are attacked by a more epensive unit this turn (after factoring in price reduction), their counterattack will go first if applicable (i.e. directs only). Much like Counter Break.
-100/110 stats attacking a unit with the same price (after reduction)
-90/110 stats when attacking a more expensive unit (after reduction)

Note: Hachi's, Colin's and Kanbei's altered prices do not affect Edge's power boosts (Artillery will still get +20 attack against a Colin tank), even during Edge's Super CO Power.

Victory Quote
The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward

Power Quotes
I feel a bit dirty for doing this...
I gave you a chance, but you didn't want it.
You gotta live life on the edge!
You were never too good.
You're going to be feeling edgy about this...
C'mon, give the little guys a chance!
A little risk taking never hurt anyone!

S-Rank Ratings:

Rate #7
ThrawnFett, 24 Jul 2006

Name: Not a true name. 4/5

Bio: It works. A few minor grammar things, but nothing horrible. 8/10

Quotes: The "Good game" one bugs me. This is war, man! The only people that consider it a game is BH. "You were never too good." That one also bugs me for some reason. 4/5

Creative Total: 16/20

Abilities: Well, I really don't feel like going through a freaking long analysis right now. So, yeah, let's get this done quick. All in all, I think Fal hit in on the head. His Artillery are king and all the low tier meatshield are good, especially since they have 100 defense. He's built for smaller maps and suffers some on larger maps. He's also very strong in FoW, simply because Artillery are so useful there already. All in all, I think your loss of OHKOs makes up for the low tier units. Your saving grace is the lack of soldiers in the boost. 36/40

COP: Well, I can't see anything majorly wrong with it. You have a very situational +40/+10 and +30% counters. The only time this would get nasty is if your opponent is stupid. A B Copter attacking Edge's A Air will get crippled or killed in the counter. But as I said, your opponent would have to be stupid in order to do that. I'd say it's overpowered, but most of your high tier units are unaffected, and that make it balanced, IMO. Your Artillery are still ownage. 19/20

SCOP: I like it, it's completely nasty. While you don't get the same direct ownage as your COP, you instead get a "attack me at your own risk" style ownage. The 80% cost thing seems random at first, but it works perfectly once it sinks in. It will help a lot on smaller maps where your tanks can suddenly own other tanks. 19/20

Technical Total: 74/80

Total Rank: 90/100 -->
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