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Friday, October 31st, 2014
Poll Question Total Votes
(82) With the DS Wifi service shutting down in May, did you ever play AW4 online? 299
(81) How long have you been a user of WWN? 394
(80) What was your first Advance Wars game? 847
(79) Do you use the WWN IRC Channel? 81
(78) Waiting For AW5? 444
(77) Does it bother you when your air units get blocked by a submersed submarine? 338
(76) What AW Power System did you like best? 83
(75) Of all the Boss COs in AW, who did you like best? 118
(74) When do you think the next AW Game will be announced? 335
(73) How long do you think this poll will stay up? 207
(72) When playing Advance Wars, what do you spend the most time playing? 134
(71) Will you answer no to this poll? 296
(70) Christmas? 52
(69) Advance Wars is 20! What's your favourite? 388
(68) Who was your favourite lead protagonist? 250
(67) Now that the dust has settled, what do you feel is the best Advance Wars game? 383
(66) Days of Ruin or Dark Conflict? 154
(65) What's the best new or significantly changed unit in AWDoR? 223
(64) Who is your favourite AWDoR CO? 207
(63) What's Wuffy building in there? 171
(62) How long have you been involved in the WWN community? 335
(61) Have you ever imported a game from overseas? 113
(60) Advance Wars 4: What platform do you think we'll see it on? 89
(59) Have you kept your New Year's resolution so far? 80
(58) Did you get a new console for Christmas? 138
(57) Best Monty Python Movie? 219
(56) Classic Clash 5! Rachel Vs Koal! 128
(55) Classic Clash 5! Max Vs Flak! 127
(54) Classic Clash 4! Sonja Vs Sami! 116
(53) Classic Clash 3! Max Vs Grit! 108
(52) Classic Clash 2! Andy Vs Eagle. 86
(51) Classic Clash 1! Nell or Olaf? 111
(50) What do you think changed the way AW is played more? 140
(49) Should Xen update the poll more often? 102
(48) How do you play Advance Wars Online? 110
(47) Now that AWDS has been out for a while, how do you feel about the Tag System? 155
(46) Custom CO Tournament? 143
(45) Did you see the Staff Forum? 97
(44) It's WWN's first birthday! 134
(43) The Next Wars Game...New Universe, or continue with the current one? 150
(42) What do you feel is the most versatile unit type in the game? 134
(41) What Do you feel is better at controlling the skies? 156
(40) How do you feel about the Cruiser changes from AW1/2 to AWDS? 105
(39) Was Lash's nerf between AW2 and AWDS necessary? 90
(38) Was Sensei nerfed between AW2 and AWDS? 85
(37) Vehicle of Choice? 116
(36) Best Naval Unit? 125
(35) Best Air Unit? 148
(34) How much do you play AWDS since you got it? 104
(33) Should I update the polls more often? 91
(32) How are you spending your holiday break? 125
(31) What usually brings you to WWN? 79
(30) How much time have you clocked up playing AWDS? 135
(29) What's your take on Tag Breaks/Dual Strikes? 122
(28) Should Sturm be included in AW:DS 2? 136
(27) Hardest Advance Wars Campaign? 108
(26) What do you want to see more of on WWN? 86
(25) Black Hole's Finest? 149
(24) Yellow Comet's Greatest? 131
(23) Grandest of Green Earth? 118
(22) Greatest of Blue Moon? 121
(21) Who's your favourite in Orange Star? 132
(20) Where do you fight best? 138
(19) Which do you use most often? 127
(18) Would you be interested in a Super Famicom Wars section? 101
(17) Who is the most broken CO over the whole Wars Series? 89
(16) Now that AWDS is out, do you still play AW1 and 2? 109
(15) How much has the AW Series cost you in energy? 119
(14) How often you use the stylus control? 107
(13) What's your opinion on Combat Mode? 140
(12) What do you think of the new Black Bomb? 149
(11) Do you contribute to the site? 63
(10) How do you feel about Skills/Force Ranks? 76
(9) Which version of Max do you like best? 92
(8) Which version of Drake do you like best? 132
(7) How do you feel about Jugger and Flak? 83
(6) Do you think Koal outperforms Adder in battle? 140
(5) Evilest CO? 199
(4) Do you think AWDS is harder than AW2? 83
(3) What's the best new AWDS Feature? 118
(2) Favourite New Unit? 91
(1) Who is your favourite new CO? 89
With the DS Wifi service shutting down in May, did you ever play AW4 online?

Yes!: 113
Bar Graph of Percentage

No!: 186
Bar Graph of Percentage

Total Votes: 299

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