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17a: Wings of Victory! (Andy) AC
17a: Wings of Victory! (Andy) AC
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Mission 2 - Customer Service
Mission 2 - Customer Service


Mission 2 - Customer Service
Description: Conditions:
Orange Star: Hachi
Blue Moon: Grit
Cities: 1000G
Clear Weather
Terms: Rout all enemies or capture the HQ.
Save File with the mission premade

After surviving Hawke's onslaught, Hachi moves to follow him. Moving along the coastline in the rather rough Legion Peninsula, he runs into a snag...

Grit "Possum spit! Olaf's been duped by that damn salesman. I think I'll need to...wait a minute."

Olaf "Grit! Have you got that infernal contraption working yet?"

Grit "Keep your beard on, We'll just go to the shop and get a refund."

Olaf "Grr...I don't want a refund, I just want it working...wait, who's army is that wandering in along the shore?"

Grit "It appears to be Orange Star troops."

Olaf "Grr. Find out who it is..NOW!"

Grit "Okay Frosty. Keep it down."

Hachi "Darn. We've hit a snag. We'll have to move through these mountains at the border. Hawke seems to have rushed up ahead..."

Grit "Ah. So, you're the leader of this little mob, Hachi?"

Hachi "Well. I was just chasing after a ragtag lot of Black Hole troops..."

Olaf "What? Hachi? Why you...that new coffee machine you sold me is a load of junk! I want a replacement!"

Hachi "I'm sorry, I can't replace items that you have broken. Store policy, you see."

Olaf "WHAT? It broke because it was a piece of Junk! Grit, bring him to me alive!"

Mission 2: Customer Service

Day 1:
Grit "Sigh. Olaf's blazing temper has him in a situation again."

Hachi "Oh my, this is a rather large setback. He seems to have me severely outnumbered and outgunned, so I have to keep my mechs alive to capture properties. My artillery and tanks need to do as much damage as possible so I can call in reinforcements through my connections..."

Olaf "Grit! What the heck is going on here? I want that salesman!"

Grit "Well, he seems to have given me the slip, Frosty."

Olaf "What? Damn. Troops, follow him! And bring me some Coffee!"

Note: Hmm..I thought we had an Olaf smiley? Oh well.
Date: 27.08.2005 06:08
Hits: 1994
Downloads: 134
Rating: 4.33 (3 Vote(s))
File size: 26.2 KB
Added by: Xenesis

Author: Comment:

Join Date: 22.08.2005
Comments: 13

Looks quite challenging. Really challenging.
You may want to fix the hyperlink as well. Right now the dialouge is annoying to read ;).
04.09.2005 14:30 Offline Frankdeslimste frankdeslimste at

Join Date: 22.08.2005
Comments: 7
Your rate

This is for sure a really good map...for what I can see maybe you are gonna break my "I don't think I will give any 70+ score any time soon" statement. But only the rate you say that

Creative Section:

Starting with the name...This name is well....its the tipical names that fits the campaign but not the map. Customer service is the kind of name that is great for the Hachi stuff...but I don't see why it is this specific map has this name.

Now the terrain. If you check AW1 and AW2 second campaign mission, they are based on a chokepoint, like the bridge on border skirmish and the mountains on gunfighter, but they have lots of spaces for you to manage your troops...the same for the enemy. But your map is different. The excess of mountains blocking your units and the forests on the ways your vehicules can go is simple annoying, and an annoying aspect is scary to the players.

And to finish....Originality.
The concept of this map (at least the one I caught on my playtests) is that the enemy will move his units (at least the main units) to one side of the map and you will have to use the old APC+infantry (mech on this case) to capture the HQ. It falls into the sneak capture category that has LOTS of maps. But yours is different. It isn't like Air Ace where you just need to move the t-copter and unload the infantry. On this map you have to move carefully and escape from the indirects attacks, so I will give some points because of that....but it is still a sneak for the HQ mission.

So let me see

Your score is:
-2 general name, not very specific to the map
-5 Excess of mountains limitating the ways.
-3 a very good sneak for HQ map....but still sneak for the HQ map.


Campaigness Section:

First the Dialogue and win quote :
Its good...very good. You did the essential, like Grit's personal way of speaking, like possum spit or Frosty, the beard stuff and the calm way he speaks. Same with Olaf and Hachi.. No flaws here.

Defeat quote:
Thats essential for a good campaign map. Except for the last mission and maybe the first mission, they have to giv the most simple way to win. Why I am saying that you may be asking...well...the problem is (like you may have noticed on the creative section) you are saying to the player to get Hachi's SCOP that I forgot the name. need 45000G to get it...if you lose everything but a mech and the APC, you lose about 26100G (say hello to 90% cost), and if you get to destroy all non-indirect units here, you get more 11500G for you meter, total of 37600G. You need to destroy Grit's rocket to achieve "something union". Now answer me, honestly, thats is the most simple way. I doubt it. In the current map a good conversation will say something about defending your APC and wait until the indirects are far enough from the HQ to capture it using the left way (I will explore that more on the gameplay section).

Difficult for a 2nd map:

Again comparing to the real campaign maps, most of the times, the first maps are ones where victory by routing and by HQ are very close on difficult, but to rout on your map, well, you have to be tha bomb...or manage to achieve the SCOP. OH NOEZ! well...but there is a map that I can compare...Air Ace. On Air Ace, Rout is very difficult, but HQ capture is a good option.

And you got:
-10 completly useless defeat quote
- 1 don't have the perfect concept for a second map...but this point is more like half a point.


This map only I will only explore the non-fow aspect.

On this map the enemy will come in three waves:
First comes the 2 tanks, easily beatable with a simple use of your indirects

Next comes the mech and infantry...prety weird don't you think...but...for some weird reason, the AI will always put the artilleries really close from the rocket, and the rocket has a crap movement with all those plains and forests. The mechs and infantries are not a problem.

and the third wave that will never or almost never come, the indirects. They work

But you the way you do it....its natural. It isn't like, let me see, Twin isle (I know its an WR..but its good for what I want). On Twin Isle the player has to make the enemy only build from one side (left on most cases) and leave the other unguarded. They work a bit as a time limit because, when they get there, the rocket will do some great damage and the artilleries are gonna protect it from any harm.

Now where it goes on a rating...well...for the 9124718417th time...if you compare it with Its War (which I believe its a great example of campaign predeployed map) you will notice some differences. Its War (and gunfighter and border skirmish and cleanup and andy's time and most field training missions) is based on an actual battle. Its your units attacking the enemy's to get on the HQ, that is protected with some units. And thats something that most missions has. But your map is a tipical wait and act mission. You can wait until day 12 and send the APC by then. But because of that you miss to battle fun. I mean....seeing a good strategy working is good, but its nothing compared with the joy of seing the enemy exploding.

you got:

-10 wait and act is not a very good concept for the beggining. I mean...even on Gunfighter you have to destroy a powerful defense....something missing on your map.

Totals: 69/100- B-rank.
Nice. You have a great map on your hands!


-instead of exchanging the defeat quote, I think you should do the opposite. Give Hachi and Grit more units and, more important, use the free space you have east of BM's HQ to deploy some units to protect BM's HQ.

- remove some of the mountains and forest to give a free way for you and the enemy move your units.

- Do something to avoid the waves of units, or deploy 1 or 2 extra tanks to strength the first wave.

And again....if have some complains or don't like the rate I gave. SAY IT! I can check it further and give a more true rating.
11.09.2005 13:35 Offline CO_Frosty CO_Frosty at

Join Date: 22.08.2005
Comments: 9

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll rework the map a bit, and you've given me some good ideas.
26.09.2005 23:10 Offline Xenesis xenesis at

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