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Mission 14
Mission 14
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A Fine Point
A Fine Point


A Fine Point
Description: OS Soldier: Uh... Commander Rachel? I know you said not to disturb you, but... Commander Jake is-

Jake: Yo yo yo, what up B? Rise n' shine 'cuz it's time to drop a train on the bad guys!

Rachel: Ugh... Jake?! Didn't I tell you not to bother me in the morning?

Jake: Well I know what the princess wants but this time's fo' real!

Rachel: That's what you said last time, and look where it got us! We're seperated from the Blue Moon forces from Omega Land!

OS Soldier: He's right though, we've spotted advance enemy forces impeding our path.

Rachel: Oh... Things just keep going from bad to worse!

Jake: Hey hun, that don't make sense. Worse is, like, the worst, right? How can it keep on gettin' worst and worst?

Rachel: Jake, you don't make any sense. At all.

OS Soldier: We do have some good news though, we've managed to make contact with an Orange Star field HQ.

Rachel: Really? That's great! Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Jake: Yo Rache! Hey! Wait for me!

Rachel: Ugh... Is he following us?

OS Soldier: I'm afraid so.

Rachel: How did that brat become a CO?

Mission 5 - Sword Key
Operation Frontier
Eltin Isles, Orange Star
Clear Weather, FoW, standard conditions

OS COs: Rachel and Jake
GE CO: Javier

Terms of Victory: rout, capture HQ
Terms of Defeat: rout, capture HQ

Turn 1 - OS

Rachel: Hey, what happened to the bridge?

OS Soldier: It was destroyed in a Green Earth air raid.

Jake: Hey, what's the big deal? Our ships can pass through fo' sho now.

Rachel: They're destroying our land, Jake! That's the problem!... But at least we can use our new carrier unit and navy in this battle.

Daisy: It looks like you'll need it too.

OS Soldier: Oh yes, commander Rachel, this is Daisy on the radio. She's the new Orange Star advisor.

Rachel: I'm glad to hear a friendly voice out there. Have we contacted the Green Earth commander yet?

Daisy: We've tried, but there's a lot of interference. We do know that the enemy CO is Javier.

Jake: Say what? Old man Javier? He was one of the homeboys in Omega Land. What gives?

Daisy: Umm...

Rachel: ...That's Jake who, consequently, has never met Javier. Anyway, I and Colin's sister, Sasha, were called in to help protect Orange Star, but thanks to Jake here we got seperated... And it looks like Green Earth has called in help to attack us too.

Jake: Yo, what 'bout me, huh?

Rachel: ...As you can hear, Jake tagged along. He's fresh from the academy in Omega Land.

Jake: Yo, I'm fresh but I ain't green! I bring in the-

Rachel: Just ignore him, that's what I do.

Daisy: O... kay... Anyway, I heard they're trying a new command technique. Tag battling? Is that it?

Rachel: Yes, unfortunately. Basically-

Daisy: Two COs lead the same army into battle, but one CO takes the forefront while the other can switch in at any time. Switching COs changes the way the army functions, which can be very helpful, but it takes time and ends the turn... Is- Is that right?

Rachel: Yep, right on target. You studied a lot, huh?

Daisy: Well... I tried.

Rachel: Anyway, let's get started.

*if the carrier unit is selected*

Daisy: That's the carrier unit?

Rachel: Yes. We developed it in the open waters of Omega Land. We're giving it a crash course here. It's a powerful indirect anti-aircraft unit.

Daisy: But like all indirects, it needs protection from direct attacks.

Rachel: That's right. We should probably keep it in the reefs. It doesn't need to move too much with its massive attack range.

Turn 1 - GE

Javier: I say, what treachery is this?

GE Soldier: Uh... What treachery, sir?

Javier: Is that not fair maiden Rachel and the wreckless sir Jake with her?

GE Soldier: Well... Yes, sir. Orange Star probably called in some COs from Omega Land when they learned that you were called in.

Javier: Ah, the cruelty of war! Not even children are safe...

GE Soldier: Sir, they're not THAT young. And, besides, aren't WE the ones fighting them?

Javier: Indeed. If I remember correctly, we fight in outrage over the monstrosity committed by an Orange Star air fleet and, being unable to find the instigators, have gone forth to search the entirety of the Orange Star continent in Macro Land* in order to find the culprits!... But, could we not have simply asked?

GE Soldier: We did, sir, we did, only to be attacked again and again. The people called for action and, after a time, commander Eagle submitted.

Javier: This is no fair way to fight a war. We should have held a gentleman's challenge!

GE Soldier: A... what?

Javier: Indeed! But lo, the enemy advances, tally ho!

GE Soldier: ...

2nd GE Soldier: Commander Javier is so... Weird.


Jake: Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! Beat down like a can of-

Rachel: Jake, I know this is your first real victory, but please keep two things in mind.

Jake: Yeah? What'll those be?

Rachel: Shut. Up.

Jake: Oooh. Burned! I felt that one like it was-

Rachel: Anyway, thanks for your help, Daisy. Can we get in touch with my sis- I mean, commander Nell now?

Daisy: Well... Nell is busy at the moment. She's seeing commander Andy alongside Sami and Max.

Rachel: Oh? Is everything okay?

Jake: Yo, commander Andy? You mean that hotshot that won the last two wars and capped them Black Hole foos'?

Daisy: Yeah, he's... ...

Jake: Dude...


Jake: Owned! We got owned!

Daisy: ...Whatever that means, we have to be careful. It's hard to see in this terrain with all the fog, so we should scout ahead carefully. It looks like the enemy has their own carrier unit and a plane that was supposed to be in development.

Rachel: The stealth plane... The Allies decided on its design together. I'd never thought I'd see it used against us.

Daisy: It looks like there's no way to prevent it from utilizing its stealth. The only way to attack it directly is with a fighter unit then... But if we could outlast it, it should crash after its fuel runs out. It can't deal too much damage and it needs to find its targets in the first place too. Also, it seems Javier's troops have innate defensive capabilities against indirect firepower. We'll have to make use of proper choke point guards. There are a few comm towers here but the enemy starts out with just one. Let's keep it that way.

Jake: Yo Daisy, what about that big-as-

Rachel: JAKE!

Jake: Whaaat? It's fricken' HUGE.

Rachel: ...Sorry about that.

Daisy: It's okay. At any rate, that megatank is formiddable, but it's slow and cumbersome. If the enemy uses it as an offensive weapon, we can chip away at it with indirect units while wasting its limited ammo supply. I think it'll be a bigger problem sitting on the enemy HQ.

Rachel: Okay, thanks for the tips. Let's fall back, regroup, and try again.

*I hear there's some debate about the locations in the AW world. They were sorta developed in AWDS, but in AW1 and 2, it was a bit non-existant. The prologue in AW2 says that BH is attacking Macro Land, but elsewhere their grip is tightening... Does this mean that BH's continent is Macro Land, or the entire setting of AW2 is Macro Land? But in AWDS, Javier states that Jess is from Macro Land and other older COs say the same thing...

(x_x) Oh yeah, and there's a typo in mission 3x. Black Boat awarded for clearing it with Sami, Piperunner for Max, much to his chargin.

+Win by rout for a secret mission.
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