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Glass Dance
Glass Dance
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Mission 5x
Mission 5x


Mission 5x
Description: Jake: Hey, I followed the river like you said!

Rachel: I told you that we were heading south, not southeast! Where did you lead our troops this time?

Jake: Gee, I dunno.

OS Soldier: Well commander, on the bright side, it looks like we've run into our Blue Moon allies.

Rachel: Oh, thank goodness for that...

Jake: Well, hey! Don't I get a big thank you? No? Well, that's cool, we're cool, I'm cool.

Mission 5x - Hidden Ambition*
Operation -- (emergency sortie)
Eltin River, Orange Star
Clear Weather, standard conditions

OS COs: Rachel and Jake
BM CO: Sasha
BH COs: Lash and Flak

Terms of Victory: break pipe and rout, capture HQ
Terms of Defeat: rout, capture HQs

Turn 1 - OS

Rachel: Sasha, sorry about getting seperated. Jake... was being Jake and got us lost. On top of that, we ran into Green Earth forces.

Sasha: It's no problem at all. What concerns me now is this Black Hole facility... After being seperated, we plotted a course that you would likely travel but came across this place.

Rachel: It's a good thing you did too. There's no way we would've found it on our own.

Jake: Whatchu talkin' about? How can you miss somethin' as big as THAT? Dude, that'd be like-

Rachel: Shut up, Jake!

Sasha: At any rate, what shall we do?

Rachel: I suppose we should take it out, but there's an emergency going on at Orange Star HQ. I'll have to check with Daisy.

Sasha: Daisy?

Rachel: Yeah, oh- She's an advisor at an HQ further inland.

Sasha: I see. Having good communication between the field of battle and the motherland is paramount.

Rachel: ...What's wrong? Can't we get in touch?

OS Soldier: There's something wrong with our communications array.

Rachel: But we're closer to their location now than we were before!

Sasha: Perhaps this Black Hole establishment is interrupting our communications. In that case, we now have two reasons to shut it down.

Rachel: Our troops are tired from that last battle though...

Sasha: Please, let us help you this time.

Jake: Woo! It's party time!

Rachel: Wait! Agh... I guess we're on our own.

Turn 1 - BM

Sasha: It's time to do our part. Let's help our friends in need.

BM Soldiers: Yes ma'am!

Turn 1 - BH

Lash: Hawke? Hawkawakawakawakawak! Tee hee!

Flak: Umm... Somethin' funny's goin on. All these buttons are flashing but there's no response.

Lash: You broke it, Flak! You jerk!

Flak: What? I didn't do nothin'!

Lash: Well, THIS time. Lemme' see! Lemme' see!

Flak: ... o.O

Lash: That's it!

Flak: What's it?

Lash: Those Allied pests are in our way!

Flak: Whoa, what? What're they doin'?

Lash: They're right there!

Flak: ...So... What're they doin'?

Lash: They're right there and they're messing up our comm-link!

Flak: Does that mean we gotta smash 'em up?

Lash: Yep! Tee hee hee! This'll be fun! C'mon!

Flak: Wh- wait, you mean, both of us? Together? Taking 'em on at the same time?

Lash: Yeah, silly!


Lash: Eeee! Flaaak! Yooou meeessed uuup!

Flak: What? You were commanding too!

Lash: You messed up more! That's okay though, these stealth and megatank units we copied from the Allied designs turned out okay, though they could use a self-destruct button and a kitchen. And the black bomb worked just fine. Of course, that's because I made it.

Flak: Whatever you say.
Jake: W00t. We trounced those Black Hole biz-

Rachel: JAKE!... Anyway, thanks again for your help.

Sasha: It was our pleasure. I believe we must part ways here for the time being, however. We must meet with commander Olaf, and I need to see Colin.

Rachel: Give him our regards. Until next time then-

Jake: Laterz! Hey, Sasha!

Sasha: Hmm?

Jake: You rock!

Sasha: Umm... You rock too?

Jake: See? See?! Sasha thinks I rock!

Rachel: Well, I DON'T, jeez...


Lash: Oh noooo!

Flak: What? We lost?

Lash: Noooo... I forgot my lunch in the super duper Black Hole Microwave™ while we were fighting! Now I'll have to go back to HQ and fix up another one... Those meanies!

Flak: Uh... What do I do?

Lash: Oh, just press random buttons.

Flak: Oh, like this one-


Lash: Flak, you idiot!

Flak: -_-
Jake: No way! We got owned!

Rachel: You keep using that word...

Jake: What? What word? Anywayz, we gotta bail!

Rachel: Well, you're right there. We should head to the Orange Star General HQ and tell them what we found. Sorry, Sasha.

Sasha: No, it's my fault, really. We should have better defended our position, but instead we spread our forces too thin and lost our premier army... In any case, we must meet with commander Olaf in Blue Moon.

Jake: Later, Blue Moon peeps! Later, Black Hole creeps!

(x_x) I forgot to swap out the mission name with the mission number on the last entry, on top of screwing up the mission names on the image and briefing! D'oh. Sword Key was what I called it by itself, its campaign name is A Fine Point.

*Once again, this mission can't be replayed if it's failed.
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