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Mission 2
Mission 2
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Mission 09
Mission 09


Mission 09
Description: NOTES: As the secondary front (top screen) is in the air, Fighter units -can- attack the minicannons. There's simply no way I'm going to bother making a Black Arc sprite, and "AirCannons" would just look out of place. :P
The Black Arc fires at the start of each Primary Front's enemy's turn. It targets the Base in the center of the Primary front (bottom screen) like a Missile Silo, except it deals 9 HP of damage.
Koal: If they've made it this far, they're a threat we can no longer ignore.
Jugger: Black crystal perimeter bases... Operational. Deployment of Black Arc flying fortress... Initiated.
Koal: Very well, Jugger. Report our preparations to that... Hawke. Lash and I will team up and attack. We will divide the earth and the sky between us, and our guns will sound a requiem for the allied troops. Spare no cost in defending the black crystal. Our foes will fall like leaves.
Lash: Tee hee hee! I can do death--no problem! Dibs on the Black Arc! Oooh! This is going to be so much fun!
Koal: That girl worries me...

Jake: What's up with this place? It's all dry and hot and...dry.
Rachel: My poor Omega Land... I can't believe how far the desolation has spread. And these nasty sandstorms... I've got a bad feeling about this.
Colin: Umm, what's that tall tower? It looks like a Black Hole base, but...
Koal: Tell me, Allied halfwits, how are you feeling today?
Rachel: We were doing OK until we saw you, you pasty freak!
Koal: Your name is Rachel, is it not? You have an abrasive personality.
Rachel: And you're an arrogant twit! If you think we're not more than your match, you're in for a nasty surprise.
Koal: Learning to tag battle does not make us equals, you silly little cheerleader. Look at your precious homeland. It's like an old woman--wrinkled and wilting.
Jake: So you Black Hole vampires sucked this land dry?
Koal: Who else, young lion? Allow me to share with you the secret of the black crystal. In short, it bleeds a planet's life force and uses it to make physical materials. It is the source of Black Hole's miraculous regenerative powers. If the crystal is used too much, the earth suffers and becomes, well... Like this. I'd tell you that we cared, but I'd be lying. And that would be wrong.
Sasha: That's horrible! No... You're horrible!
Jake: What?! This is my homeland. These are my people. You can't... Ooooh... Don't even think I'm gonna squeeze out a tear after I bury you!
Koal: Heh heh! Such passion! Such bravado! We will twist it into abject despair.
Rachel: Cool it, Jake. Biting at the enemy's taunts will only play into their hands. The black crystal has no attack power of its own. Let's rush it fromt he factory at the center of the map.
Koal: No. I'm afraid I can't allow that. Lash! Come out, come out wherever you are.
Lash: Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this!
Colin: Whoa! Look up at the top screen!
Jake: How'd that get there?
Lash: This is Lash! I'm calling you fromt he fabulous flying fortress, the Black Arc! I'm roughly 33,000 feet above the battlefield. And the view is spectacular!
Rachel: Black Arc? Flying fortress? It's huge... How did you get that thing to fly!?
Lash: Tee hee hee! You're surprised! You're surprised! But wait! There's more! I'm even going to throw in a free bomb shower!
Max: Umm... This isn't good.
Jake: Yeah, you think?! We have got to do something about that thing!
Sasha: Rachel, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Rachel: Yep. If they're going to tag battle, then we have to do the same! Let's choose two COs--one fo rthe main front and one for the second front. The main front is on the surface, and the second is up there with the Black Arc. I don't need to remind you that we can't afford to lose this fight!

Victory or Death!

[Jake: We've come a long way since day one, right, Rachel?
Rachel: We sure have. I know the war won't end here, but... We've got to win today or there's no tomorrow for Omega Land. You know, Jake, you've become a solid CO. I don't have anything else to teach you. I'm gald to know you've got my back. You're the real deal.
Jake: You're pretty bad yourself, Rachel. I mean, bad in the good way!]
[Sasha: Are you ready to go, Colin?
Colin: Yes! The future of the allied forces rests on the outcome of this battle, doesn't it?
Sasha: Yes, it does. It's going to be a fierce fight, but we must not lose. It's time we showed them what it means to be a Blue Moon CO!]

[Jake: That's the black crystal? My tanks will flatten that thing like vinyl.]
[Rachel: It's time to push these creeps out of Omega Land!]
[Max: All those fancy machines are about to be nothin' but scrap.]
[Colin: All right... Here we go!]
[Sasha: I won't stop fighting until this land is restored to its former majesty.]

-Day 1-
Rachel: Starting with this map, we're going to be using the tag battle strategy. As the name implies, two COs team up and take turns issuing orders. Don't worry, the basic rules of engagement are unchanged. Now, this time we've got fighting on two fronts, which is dual-screen combat. So, se need to assign one CO to the main front and one CO to the second front. In Campaign mode, the second front is controlled automatically. But you should still check on it from time to time. Like any ordinary fight, the battle ends if you're defeated on the main front. The battle won't end if you lose on the second front, but the CO remaining on the main front will be left alone facing two enemy COs. This may seem a bit confusing, but I'll give you more advice as we go along. Here's one hint: winning the second front makes it easier to win the main front.

Rachel: Let's talk about attacking that flying fortress. You'll need to send fighters and bombers up to the second front. To do that, you'll need to use the Send command. You'll find it in the menu. Once you do that, the selected unit will be transferred to the second front. You won't be able to send helicopters, because they can't fly high enough.

Rachel: Nice work! Now the unit you transferred can fight for the cause on the second front. All orders on the second front are issued automatically by the CO in charge there. Oh, and CO Powers can't be used there, either. The action is too fast. Fight your way across the main front, but keep an eye on the second one, too! Keep in mind that units sent to the second front can't come back. However, if you win on the second front, the surviving units will be added to the power meter, and that can be a huge advantage! Don't forget!

-Day 1-
All Black Hole units within two spaces of the black crystal will gain fuel, ammo, and two HP at the beginning of each day. If we can stay close to the crystal, the advantage is ours. If the black crystal is destroyed, all of our plans will be shattered with it. Indirect fire is a danger, but Omega Land itself is our uwitting ally in that regard. These sandstorms reduce the attack range of all distance weapons by one. The allies will believe they have been forsaken by heaven. The Black Arc's bombs will keep the allies from making use of the center factory.
Lash: I've designed the Black Arc's bombs so they don't damage our own units. I just love being deliciously evil AND brilliant! Tee hee hee!

-Destroy a minicannon on the top screen-
Hey! Take a look at the top screen! The units we sent there have destroyed one of the Black Arc's cannons!
Rachel: Three to go! Our bomb worries are over once you knock out the other ones! Keep sending units, and let's make the main front safer for our troops!

-Day 2-
Jake: Hey, Rachel! I know you're only in charge of dudes on your own front. But, is it cool if I give any general orders to the units on the second front?
Rachel: Yes, but don't insult your tag battle partner. Give some advice instead. First open the map menu and select Intel, then tap AI. Choose a strategy option to give your partner some idea of how to proceed. Change this setting on the fly to get the most out of your partner.

-Destroy Black Arc-
Lash: Noooooo! The flying fortress has been destroyed!
Koal: Grr... Never mind that. There is no need for panic. As long as we win on the surface, victory will be ours.
OS Solder: The second front has been secured. The CO will now report back to the main front.
Rachel: Yes! Now we'll be able to see the Tag Power in full effect! If both COs are on the main front, they can tag out to take turns issuing commands. To switch COs, all you have to do is select Change from the map window. Selecting Change ends your turn, though, so don't do it until you're done. Once the power meters of both COs fill, you'll be able to use the Tag Power. The Tag Power is a power where both COs use their Super CO Powers back-to-back in the same turn! To use a Tag Power, open the map window, select Tag, and get ready to rock!

Jake: Yeah, you like the taste of that? Savor the flavor, Black Hole!
Koal: The shame... The black crystal has been shattered.
Rachel: Ha ha! You losers got shut down! You picked the wrong place to invade. As long as we're around, you'll get nothing!
Lash: Boooo! We got beat. C'mon, Koal, let's bounce out of here. We've still got you know what--one black crystal is not that big a deal.
Koal: It's the principle, Lash. The principle. Let us withdraw for now. Enjoy this victory feast, fools, for you shall starve tomorrow.
Max: They never change, do they? They say what they want, and then vanish.
Jake: Max! We served Black Hole a hot bowl of smak down soup! WOOOOO!
Max: I know, I know. Now get offa me...
Sasha: Ha ha ha... Jake is happy, isn't he?
Rachel: Both of us have a lot of memories from this place... I'm thrilled, too. I've got to let everyone at home know what's happened.
Colin: Lash's last words have me worried, though. What do you think "you know what" is?
Rcahel: Hmm... It sounds like they've got a secret weapon up their sleeve, doesn't it?
Jake: Where are we rolling to next, Rachel? I've already got my battle mix picked out!
Rachel: Hah! Just because you picked your music doesn't mean we're ready to fight. We need more intel, the troops need rest, and I want a nice, long bath.
Sasha: Oh, that sounds heavenly. A bath followed by a good book and some caviar.
Jake: Sweet! Let's get going... I've got all kinds of stories to tell my crew back home.

Koal: Heh heh heh... Behold the vile fury that is the black crystal. We cracked those allied wretches like cheap pottery
Jake: WEAK! What happened? I thought we had the edge with our hot military tech?
Rachel: Technology does not decide a battle. That's what my sister taught me. The wisdom and courage of a flexible and supple mind is more important. If you can't go over something, go around--it's all about adaptation to adversity. In this case, the most important thing to do is to take control of the second front and put an end to those bombs. To do that you have to transfer some air units. One thing we've learned is that bombers work well against those airborne cannons. So send up a good balance of fighters and bombers to destroy the Black Arc! Once you've done that, you'll be able to tag battle. Using the factory at the center of the map to build units will be easier, too. If you can do all of that, you'll have a big advantage on the main front. C'mon, Jake! Crank up the volume, get out there, and give it another shot!
Jake: I'm all over it, Rach!

-You shattered a crystal!-

Together, we destroyed the black crystal and crushed Black Hole's plans, or so we thought...but our enemy was strong, and the battle was fierce. But at least for tonight, our men can rest easy. Max's troops are still up partying, and Sasha's a real trooper. Me, I'm exhausted.
From the pages of Rachel's journal.
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