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21: The Final Battle!
21: The Final Battle!
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Mission 11
Mission 11


Mission 11
Description: Jugger: Warning! Allied forces approaching. Black Boat defenses online.
Koal: A man must strike while the iron is hot. We must attack with the army we have. Launch an all-out assault and crush the enemy before they reach the lab.
Jugger: Loading Jugger and Koal tag battle program. Violence inhibitor: overridden.

Jake: Hey, I don't mind tight spaces, but Black Hole has tons of dudes. If they rush us, we're gonna get seriously owned...
Rachel: The research lab itself is lightly guarded, so here's what we're going to do. The orange team will guard our HQ and send a small squad to take over the lab. While they do that, the blue team will hit the enemy with everything they've got.
Sasha: The orange team should use thier indirect-combat units as much as possible. You can't afford to lose units with good vision while in a Fog of War mission.
Colin: If we capture the lab, we'll get plans for the bri...bra...uh...brick boat?
Rachel: Um...bricks don't float, Colin. It's called a black boat. Maybe you need glasses.
Jake: Brick, black, whatever. If it repairs units, we need it!

The Long March

[Sasha: A unit that can repair other units... That must be the black boat! If they're caring enough to help their allies, how can they do this to the land? Healing with one hand and wounding with the other? It makes no sense.
Colin: Do you think that means there are all kinds of people on their side, too? You're the only one who would wonder about this kind of thing, Sasha. You really do have a kind heart.]
[Jake: We're gonna boost a Black Hole unit and use it against them? Seems
Rachel: Well, it isn't! You know, Yellow Comet practices a martial art called aikido that uses an enemy's own power to defeat him...and that's what we'll do! It's a legitimate strategy. Now stand tall, look the enemy in the eye, and take that black boat!]

[Jake: This route is really narrow. It's gonna be tough to use tanks here...]
[Rachel: Life will be easier if we can get our hands on those boat plans!]
[Max: Look at all those indirect-combat units! This kind of thing ain't my cup of tea.]
[Colin: If we win, we'll be able to build a brand-new unit... This is a crucial battle!]
[Sasha: Those plans could be a great boon for our cause. We must succeed!]

Jugger: Research lab captured. Kindle will... punish. Fear capacitor overloading.
Koal: Hmph. This is your mess to clean up, Jugger. I'm leaving for the next battlefield.
Jugger: ... !!! ... Koal! Unfair! Unfair! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!
Rachel: We've secured the lab's blueprints and equipment! Now let's head for home. R&D needs to get started so we can deploy the black boats as soon as possible.
Jake: Sweet! We did it! Now we won't have to send so much stuff to the scrap heap.

Koal: We have protected the lab, yet its location is no longer secret. We must pack up our things and move elsewhere.
Jugger: Understood. Initiating redeployment.
Colin: They... They're gone! I don't believe it!
Rachel: Hmmm. I underestimated the speed with which the enemy troops would move. The orange team must protect the HQ--there's no way around it. But they should send APCs and infantry to the eastern cities as well. Let's hold off on attacking the lab until we capture the airport and port. The blue team should also use their battleships to pound the enemy forces. If those black boats and their repairs are making life difficult, take 'em out! We need those plans, so let's cut the mistakes and do our best!
Date: 23.09.2005 20:31
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sooooo eaassyyyyy

Really, it's kind of easy to rout the enemy in, ummm..., you didn't say how much time you had, it's easy to rout the enemy in 12 days!
13.03.2006 19:23 Offline hello7 carson8164 at

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