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Crunch Time
Crunch Time
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Mission 15
Mission 15


Mission 15
Jess: Javier, I feel I should apologize for forcing you to be my guide. I don't have a good feel for the geography of this continent.
Javier: Please, think on it no more. You are from Macro Land--this is my homeland. Besides, escorting a beautiful lady such as yourself is a gentleman's duty and honor. Now then, I believe the Allied Nations have been fighting in this region. I've heard their company includes COs from several nations. I am curious to see if they are really as good as rumor has it.
Jess: They certainly are. I fought alongside some of them in the last great war.
Javier: Ah, is that so? I would welcome the chance to witness their skills myself.
Jess: It smells like cordite. I think we're here!
Jake: 'Sup! You're from Green Earth, right? We've been waiting for you to show up.
Javier: My companion is Jess. I am called Javier. May I ask your name, young sir?
Jake: Word. I'm Jake. I'm psyched that you guys are joining our crew.
Javier: Ah, thank you. The people are talking about your valorous deeds. Yet egos feed on such talk and can grow quite overstuffed. I, Javier, would see if your abilities match the name you've built for yourself.
Rachel: What? You wanna test my skills? You better check yourself!
Grimm: Test battle? We got an audition for these two? The nerve of some people.
Max: Keep your trap shut, Grimm!
Rachel: Fine. If you want a taste of this, you're on!
Javier: You have my gratitude. Shall we, Jess?
Jess: Sounds good to me. This is a good chance for us to get to know each other.
Sensei: Haw haw! Youth's a beautiful thing. You've even got my old ticker pumping.
Sasha: There's an ideal location nearby. We'll hold the trial there.
Jake: All right! It's go time!

Javier: It's still a prototype, but I think it's time to see what the megatank can do.
Jake: Dude! There's a crazy big tank parked at their HQ!
Grimm: It's freakin' huge!! Think it can actually move?
Rachel: It's said to be the most heavily armored, hardest-hitting ground unit ever fielded. It looks pretty slow, though. I wonder if we can even scratch it...
Javier: Allow me to tip our hand. Tank units under Jess's command are poetry in motion. As for myself, I have modest skill with com towers--ignore them at your peril. I challenge you to defeat my troops and the megatank within 15 days! If you accomplish this mission, I will gladly bend the knee to your skill.

Verdant Hills

[Jake: A megatank, huh? That thing looks more gnarly every time I look at it. Check the size of those cannons. I bet they eat Md tanks like nachos. But it's gotta burn a ton of fuel, too. It probably can't move very far, either.
Rachel: C'mon, Jake! Gear up and move out!]
[Colin: To tell the truth, Sasha, I don't like Fog of War any more than you do. I just know the enemy's out there waiting where I can't see them...
Sasha: I understand how you feel, but fear clouds the path to victory as surely as this fog. We have only 15 days, Colin. We must press on--there's no time to hesitate.]
[Grimm: I can't see hid or hair of the enemy, but they can't see us either. That's the thing you have to remember about Fog of War. Follow me, Sensei.
Sensei: Ah, I understand now. Thank you for your instruction, O wise one. Hah!
Javier: Hey! You're the one who taught me all about this stuff, Sensei! I've had about enough of your sass! It's time to go. Let's roll!]

[Jake: If they can make a monster tank like that, Green Earth must be a freaky place.]
[Rachel: The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Let's pound that monstrosity!]
[Max: Check out the guns on that beast! I gotta get me one of those.]
[Colin: I bet I can take that tank on! I better bring the best I've got!]
[Sasha: This is why Green Earth is a military power. We must get them on our side.]
[Sensei: Bah hah ha! Bigger is definitely better. Think I can supersize my copters?]
[Grimm: I wonder how many donuts that thing could haul? Too bad I gotta crush it!]

-Destroy Megatank-
Javier: What's this? My megatank has been bested?! The allies are as strong as we'd heard. We cannot get careless, Jess.
Jess: Agreed. They'll make good allies, but now it's our turn to make an impression.

Javier: Well done! Your reputation is well deserved. Young master, Javier willingly entrusts you with his life.
Colin: We finally have COs from all four nations. It's time to counterattack!
Jess: Here are the megatank schematics. Now you can build them for yourselves.
Jake: ROCK! I'm gonna roll in style now!
Max: Jake, loud music, and a megatank? Black Hole should run far, far away!

Javier: It would seem you allowed your emotions to get the better of you. But all is not lost. Allow me to give you some tactical advice. The key is to see how much damage the blue team can infict upon us. Begin by deploying mech units to the mountains. While they're delaying our progress, use the time to build your firepower. You'll probably need to use indirect-combat units to defeat the megatank. Don't forget to capture the airport on the left, either.
Jess: You're all much better than this. Try again!
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