C02: Border Skirmish

Normal Campaign Guide

Mission 2: Border Skirmish


Player CO: Sami
Enemy CO: Flak
Points: 300 pt. S-rank

NOTE:This will work about 90% of the time.

General Strategy: Hold the bridge and pick off Flak’s troops one by one.

Day 1:

– Move Infantry 3E and capture neutral city.
– Move Tank 3N 1E and attack Tank from the north.
– Move Mech 2N and destroy Tank from the south.
– Move Artillery 3E 2N.
– Move APC 2E 4N.

Day 2:

– Move Tank 1S 3E.
– Finish capturing neutral city.
– Move Artillery 1N.
– Move Mech 2E.

Day 3:

– Attack enemy western Tank with Artillery.
– Move Tank 1E and destroy enemy western Tank.
– Move Mech 2E.
– Move Infantry 2E.

Day 4:

– Enemy Infantry must be located N and E of enemy Tank.
– Attack enemy Tank with Artillery.
– Destroy enemy Tank with wounded Tank.
– Move Mech 2N and attack enemy northern Infantry.
– Move Infantry 2N and attack enemy northern Infantry.

Day 5:

– Move Mech 2E and destroy enemy Infantry.
– Move Tank 2E 3N and attack APC.
– Move Infantry 3N.
– Move Artillery 5E.

Day 6:

– Destroy APC with all available units.

Strategy by DTaeKim, map image by HPD.