1HKO reference chart

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This 1HKO chart serves as a quick reference to calculate which matchups result in a 1HKO at various ATK and DEF values.

How to read

  • ATK: Attacking unit’s ATK
  • BD: Base damage
  • DEF: Defending unit’s DEF. This is the highest DEF value that will guarantee a 1HKO.
  • %: The projected damage shown in the damage box. If this is ≥100, then it’s a guaranteed 1HKO.
  • +10D%: The projected damage shown if 10 DEF is added. This will no longer result in a guaranteed 1HKO.
  • Chance: The chance (in %) that the +10D% matchup results in a 1HKO. There are four 100D matchups in the table that are <100%; in these cases, this is the chance that those matchups result in a 1HKO.

Key matchups

This lists most of the common matchups from 55 BD to 105 BD that can result in a 1HKO. Only ≥75 BD artillery matchups are shown. No matchups involving rockets are listed, as it is the least common tech unit. No matchups involving niche or transport units are listed.

Additional chance notes

Note that this is assuming that all possible hits of the d11 luck roll are equally random. Like everything electronic, the DS uses a pseudorandom seed. Evaluate your paranoia and weigh the risks of losing the luck roll accordingly! You may also notice that the chances differ even though the +10D% values may be the same, such as 130A/80BD/110D and 130A/95BD/130D (94%). This is because the luck roll is added after ATK and BD are multiplied, but before DEF is divided.

Right side charts

The right side charts are for specific COs who are able to boost their ATK beyond 150A. Some theoretical matchups aren’t listed:

  • Tasha almost always uses a COU copter, so nothing above 75 BD is listed, as the copter doesn’t have >75 BD to anything except the t-copter (90 BD).
  • Tabitha has so much offensive power that matchups >160D aren’t listed, as it is rare that >160D is seen outside other COUs.