Anatomy of a day

What happens during a day?

The structure of turns, or days in AW parlance, are designed to be simple on the surface, yet complex enough to provide interesting gameplay. Each day, many things happen, but most of them are automated before the player is given control. The order of steps is shown below. All steps before Action are automated.

Income: At the beginning of the day, players earn income in which to buy and repair units. In the PvP environment, each property provides 1000 funds (F) per day, so calculating daily income is simple. Own 15 properties? F15000.

  • To earn more income, properties must be captured by soldiers. Each property has a capture count of 20. Once it reaches 0, the property is captured. A soldier may move onto a property and reduce the capture count by the amount of HP it has. The capture count is reset if the soldier moves off it or is KOed. Thus, a healthy (10 HP) soldier can capture a property in two days.

Property repair: Units on any properties will be repaired or supplied as long as the property is able to do so.

  • Repairing will heal a unit by 2 HP, set health to 10 x HP, and supply the unit with full ammo and gas.
  • Repairing costs 10% of the unit’s cost per HP healed. If a unit only needs supplying, this is done for free.
  • Cities and the HQ only repair land units. Industries only repair the units they build.[1] The temp structures (temp airport/temp seaport) only repair their designated units.
  • Radars and com towers cannot repair any units.

Sea supply/repair: The cruiser supplies all loaded copters, while the carrier repairs all loaded air units. Standard repair costs apply.

Gas upkeep: Air and sea units have gas upkeep. This is 1 for all sea units, 2 for copters, and 5 for planes. After upkeep, the game checks for any of those units with 0 gas, and destroys them.

  • Having exactly enough gas to meet the upkeep isn’t good enough. The game only cares if the unit has 0 gas.
  • Submerged submarines have a gas upkeep of 5 instead of 1.
  • If an air or sea unit has 0 gas as a result of movement, it won’t be destroyed unless it has 0 gas at the next gas upkeep.
  • Land units don’t have gas upkeep. They will simply be unable to move if they have 0 gas.

Rig auto supply: Units adjacent to rigs will be supplied. Note that this is after gas upkeep, so you cannot rely on this to save a unit in danger of being destroyed! You must use the rig’s manual supply the day before the critically low gas unit is doomed.

Action: The player is given control. Units may be used however the player desires, whether it’s moving, attacking, or staying idle. Once a unit has been used for the day, it will change to a darker color. Once it seems you have used all your units, make sure you haven’t forgotten any by performing the L-check. Press the physical L button to select the next idle unit, if any.

Build: Units are built from industries, which are special properties. Building units from industries should always be the final actions taken before ending the turn. By using all of your units first, you’ll have an idea of what you’ll need to build if anything didn’t go as planned.

  • Players cannot create more industries. PvP maps allocate an equal amount of industries for each player.

End turn: Self-explanatory.


[1] The seaplane, though built from a carrier, may be repaired at an airport or temp airport.