PvP damage chart

Click the image to get the high-resolution static chart, or click the download link to get the morphing chart.

The PvP damage chart simplifies the full base damage chart, resulting in greater readability:

  • Units are sorted by PvP frequency: This makes more sense than grouping all the land units together by cost, then all the air units together by cost. The most common matchups are at the top-left area of the chart.  The core unit triangle matchups are in the dotted box. Transport units are at the right area of the chart for readability purposes.
  • No sea: Sea units (and the seaplane) are removed. They’re not part of the metagame.
  • Out-of-ammo secondary fire values are not included: Backup fire almost never happens in a PvP game. If your mech runs out of ammo, then it uses the bike damage values. Every other offensive unit has 5 or 6 ammo. If a unit runs out of ammo, then you should really retreat it to a city (if it’s a land unit), or join with a fresh unit. I’ve had maybe one or two games out of thousands where backup fire mattered. Consult the full base damage chart if you really need the values.

The morphing damage chart is an Excel file that lets you change the ATK+, DEF+, and HP values. ATK+ and DEF+ assume that 100 is added to any value, so input 30 if you want 130A or 130D. Install the fonts for best results. The chart’s calculations are game accurate, and will correctly calculate the rounding exception.