AW4 trial map videos!

Our good man dxdydzd has been busy uploading Dark Conflict Days of Ruin trial map videos over the past few days! As of this post 21/38 trial maps have been covered. Check them out here!

Remember that as with all AW singleplayer runs, these videos assume ideal luck and conditions. If you’re having trouble getting the AI to do what’s on the video, make sure you know how to manipulate the random number generator (RNG). The easiest way to do so is to draw a 2-tile diagonal path. The RNG will choose one of two paths for the pathing line to follow. The RNG will also advance every frame while the damage box is bouncing.

AW4: Campaign Speedrun in 57:02

Hi! I love Advance Wars. I’m using my first post here to show off a speedrun! Special thanks to fellow WWNer ALAKTORN who helped out with strategies for a bunch of the missions. This is now the current world record, though admittedly there’s not much competition. Forum thread is here if you’d like to take part in this activity!

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