Field Training

Field Training 01 – Troop Orders

Basic troop movement and attack controls are explained here.

Briefing: First, let me brief you on the situation. We’re in this large nation here, Orange Star. The country to the east is Blue Moon. The two countries have been bitter rivals for years. Border skirmishes had died recently… until that madman Olaf… Oh, excuse me. I mean, uhm… The Blue Moon CO, Olaf, suddenly ordered an invasion of Orange Star. So, the Alara region is now held by Blue Moon forces. Candidate Advisor, you have been given a mission. You are to drive Olaf from Alara and secure the region for Orange Star. I will be your support. Let’s move out!

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Field Training 03 – Base Capture

Mission 3 – Base Capture

Capturing bases is the focus of this mission.

Briefing: Our current mission is to storm the Spire Hills. If successful, we should be able to drive that pompous, old… I mean, we should be able to force the Blue Moon forces to withdraw. If you remember, we faced two mech units in the last battle, right? In response, you have been given command of two mech units yourself.

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Field Training 04 – Unit Repair

This mission will explain the Join command and discuss basic strategy.

Briefing: I think that creep Olaf… I mean CO Olaf is starting to take us seriously. But all of our commanders are caught up in other campaigns. So there’s no one available to lead the Orange Star Army against him. Advisor, it looks like it’s up to you to defend Orange Star. Let me brief you on the current mission. Our troops en route to the Lost Fortress have been waylaid by CO Olaf. It’s up to you to join up with them, beat back Olaf and secure the area. We need the Lost Fortress! Move out!

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Field Training 05 – APC ABCs

This mission focuses on the Supply, Load, and Drop commands.

Briefing: My superiors in Orange Star are pleased with your word, Advisor. I’m also happy to say the enemy troops aren’t deployed ahead of us. Look at this! An artillery unit has been assigned to your command! Used correctly, this unit will strengthen your battalion. No doubt about it. But, it sounds like it’s seen a lot of action on the front lines, and… Well, I guess we’ll get a look at it when we reach the battlefield. Oh, and I’ve received one more bit of information. You’ve also been given an APC unit to use. This one is fresh from the factory, so don’t worry about its condition. OK! Let’s get moving!

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Field Training 07 – Copter Tactics

Mission 7 – Copter Tactics
It’s time to introduce air units.

Briefing: It appears that we have a problem. Orange Star has hit a snag in its Md Tank development program. On the other hand, Blue Moon seems to have more than enough tanks… I think it’s safe to assume they have mass production capabilities. I pulled some strings and had some B copters and T copters sent down from the frontlines, but that doesn’t give you all that much firepower. Nevertheless, let’s make good use of them. I’ll give you more details once we reach the staging area. Let’s move out!

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Field Training 08 – Air Assault

Mission 8 – Air Assault

This mission deals with air units, fuel consumption and anti-air defenses.

Briefing: Good news! Orange Star’s Md Tank development team has succeeded! Plus, you’ve also been given some new and improved anti-airs! Now, let’s discuss the current operation, Advisor. An entire company has disappeared on its way to the front lines. It was made up mostly of Md tanks and tanks, so this is serious. It may mean that they ran into an air squadron complete with bom… No, that’s not possi… Forget it. It’s nothing. I’m sure I’m just reading too much into the situation. Well, time to get moving!
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Field Training 09 – Air Defense

Mission 9 – Air Defense

Rockets and missiles are included in this briefing on indirect combat units.

Briefing: My superiors have really been dropping the ball lately. The enemy already has fighters and bombers, but it appears that we don’t. But, I did arrange to have some experimental missiles assigned to you. And I also got you some rockets. With all you’ve done, Advisor, it’s the least they could do! It seems that the enemy always has superior units deployed. I apologize. Anyway, it’s time to move out!
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Field Training 10 – Dogfights

Mission 10 – Dogfights

I wonder how fast you can clear this air and indirect combat unit section?

Briefing: Hey! More good news! We’ve finally got bombers and fighters ready to go! Three units each! You’ve only got them for this mission, but… It seems Olaf’s troops have appeared on the far shore. Your job is to get over there and take them out in one fell swoop! Let’s get moving!
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Field Training 11 – Naval Forces

Mission 11 – Naval Forces

Naval units are the topic of this briefing.

Briefing: You’ve got a tough mission on your hands this time. There are two units that require aid or they’ll be destroyed. One of these is a T copter, which we’ve discussed before. The other is a lander unit. This is a naval unit you haven’t seen yet. You need to protect these units and secure the land on the far shore. This is the mission that’s been entrusted to you, Advisor. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any bombers or fighters this time. But I did arrange for other units I think will be necessary to our success. I’ll explain about these other naval units once we arrive. Time to get moving!
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Field Training 12 – Climate Status

Mission 12 – Climate Status

This mission focuses on climate and CO Powers.

Briefing: Before we move out, I need to brief you in detail on CO Olaf. Olaf used to be a CO in the Orange Star Army. In fact, he was my superior. His strong character and skill with the troops make him an invaluable CO. This is what brought him to Blue Moon’s attention. Not only did he switch allegiances, but then he attacked Orange Star… He’s a complete wretch! Just a little more, and the Blue Moon Army will be forced to retreat! Let’s go get ’em!
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