Field Training 11 – Naval Forces

Mission 11 – Naval Forces

Naval units are the topic of this briefing.

Briefing: You’ve got a tough mission on your hands this time. There are two units that require aid or they’ll be destroyed. One of these is a T copter, which we’ve discussed before. The other is a lander unit. This is a naval unit you haven’t seen yet. You need to protect these units and secure the land on the far shore. This is the mission that’s been entrusted to you, Advisor. Unfortunately, I was unable to get any bombers or fighters this time. But I did arrange for other units I think will be necessary to our success. I’ll explain about these other naval units once we arrive. Time to get moving!
Orange StarYes3
Blue MoonYes3


Perfect Speed: 7 days

We need to protect both of these units (T-Copter and Lander) else the mission will immediately fail. Keep the copter inside the cruiser and the lander away from indirect attacks and you should be fine.

After the Battle

NellThis was a very strategic point for Olaf to attack Orange Star. Thanks to you, we managed to block his assault! Thank you! Keep up the good work!
NellI never expected them to make it this far… Augh!!! Just wait until next time!
NellIt was a challenge, but you did it, Advisor–you won!

Notes: There is a glitch in this level that allows you edit levels like if you were still in the Design Maps mode. You can find more information on the following page (see Map Editor Glitch).