Field Training 12 – Climate Status

Mission 12 – Climate Status

This mission focuses on climate and CO Powers.

Briefing: Before we move out, I need to brief you in detail on CO Olaf. Olaf used to be a CO in the Orange Star Army. In fact, he was my superior. His strong character and skill with the troops make him an invaluable CO. This is what brought him to Blue Moon’s attention. Not only did he switch allegiances, but then he attacked Orange Star… He’s a complete wretch! Just a little more, and the Blue Moon Army will be forced to retreat! Let’s go get ’em!
Orange StarYes2
Blue MoonYes5


Perfect Speed: 8 days

Olaf will use his CO power, which will drop a huge snow storm for few days. This not only will reduce the movement range of your units, his units are able to move through snow without any adverse effects. Roads & buildings will not be affected (unless is an air unit), but mountains and forests will surely create a bottleneck.

After a few days (on the enemy’s 4th day), the snow will stop and Olaf can’t build up his CO meter for another wave. And on the 6th day, it will start to rain nonstop, which will still affect the movement range of your units a little, but it will greatly affect Olaf’s units.

After the Battle

NellEach CO has a unique special ability. In Olaf’s case, he works well in snow, but he’s susceptible to rain. Regardless of that, you were great this time! If you can win the next battle, then I’ll have taught you all I can. I think the next battle will be our last one together. Keep up the good work!
NellEven my trap didn’t work… If… If I don’t win soon, they’ll get back all the land I went to the trouble of capturing. Augh!!! Just wait until next time!
NellYou struggled against the weather, but did well, Advisor. You won!