Field Training 13 – Fog of War

Mission 13 – Fog of War

Fog of War is the topic of this briefing.

Briefing: Finally, we’ve arrived.
Note: You can only toggle fog by editing RAM

Orange StarYes2
Blue MoonYes4


Perfect Speed: 6 days

This is the last map (is it really?). The area is almost completely hidden. This is known as Fog of War (FoW for short). When present, units can only see a limited distance (however CPU is pretty much unaffected by this). Each unit may have a different range, recons and infantry troopers in mountains will excel at it. However you will not be able to see hidden units in woods or reefs.

Your own properties will always have their own space with vision, but neutral and enemy properties will be in the dark until your vision reaches it.

After the Battle

NellSo, they’ve taken back most of the Orange Star territory… I’ll concede this day, but the real battle is yet to come!
NellWell done! You’ve finally driven Olaf off! This will be the last thing I have to say… Thank you for listening to all of my advice up to now. However, I won’t be able to join you after this. You’ll have to lead on your own, Advisor. Let me introduce you to your new partner, Andy. Andy! Come here!
NellNell! What is it?
NellThis is Advisor Advisor. Advisor will be giving you orders from now on. Say hello.
NellOh! Hello, Advisor. So you’re Orange Star’s first advisor. Nice to meet you!
NellBe prepared, Andy can be a bit of a wiseacre. He’s still young, but his abilities are top notch! I think he’ll make a good partner for your, Advisor. Well, good luck!
NellThere’s nothing left for me to tell you. Congratulations, graduate!