Field Training 14 – Special Intel

Mission 14 – Special Intel

What a surprise! Are you here for my Special Intel briefing?

Briefing: This lesson is for commanders who want a little extra knowledge. This is special intel that may just give you the edge in combat. Let’s get started!
Note: You can only toggle fog by editing RAM
Orange StarYes17111
Blue MoonYes111


Perfect Speed: 3 days*

Here you will learn about some new commands and other useful tidbits. Some of it may overlap to previous teachings, though. There is no way to lose this map and after you end your turn, the briefing will be over. So this is the only map you can legally win in a single day (and also get full points in Power, despite not having any kills).

Experiment with the map elements and Nell will explain them. Once you’re satisfied, hit “End” to complete the mission.

If you complete all 14 maps with the rank A (is not possible to get S), then the “Field Training” text in Select Mode screen will be shining gold.

After the Battle

NellThanks for listening! I hope I’ll see you again soon.
NellAdvisor wins!