Field Training 05 – APC ABCs

This mission focuses on the Supply, Load, and Drop commands.

Briefing: My superiors in Orange Star are pleased with your word, Advisor. I’m also happy to say the enemy troops aren’t deployed ahead of us. Look at this! An artillery unit has been assigned to your command! Used correctly, this unit will strengthen your battalion. No doubt about it. But, it sounds like it’s seen a lot of action on the front lines, and… Well, I guess we’ll get a look at it when we reach the battlefield. Oh, and I’ve received one more bit of information. You’ve also been given an APC unit to use. This one is fresh from the factory, so don’t worry about its condition. OK! Let’s get moving!

Neutral 2
Orange Star Yes 4
Blue Moon Yes 4
Total 2 10


Perfect Speed: 6 days

This battle is split on two fronts, as Nell most intelligently warns you. The northeastern front, has two cities that are gladly yours, so you’ll be able to do better; the other front is the southwestern cities, which will be mostly an infantry battle.

In the north, you should move your tank to the left city as of turn 2, firing on the tank right below it. Place your artillery right next to your tank, and use it the next turn to fire upon enemy tanks (and then finish them with your own tank). Your city Mech should make short work of enemy infantry standing in poor river terrain.

As for the other front, you should move all you infantry and the second mech south in turn 2 and turn 3. Use your numbers advantage to take out the infantry and mech there (watch the artillery).

When all’s done, there’s still a BM artillery that should be alive. You can hunt it down with your tank and destroy it to win, or use your APC to carry your northern Mech to the enemy HQ and capture it. Your choice, but regardless of what you choose, you should be done by day 7.

After the Battle

Did you get a feel for deploying artillery units? You’re doing well. Now get going and keep up the good work.
Grrr… Next time, blast it! Next time!
I knew you’d win, Advisor!