Field Training 04 – Unit Repair

This mission will explain the Join command and discuss basic strategy.

Briefing: I think that creep Olaf… I mean CO Olaf is starting to take us seriously. But all of our commanders are caught up in other campaigns. So there’s no one available to lead the Orange Star Army against him. Advisor, it looks like it’s up to you to defend Orange Star. Let me brief you on the current mission. Our troops en route to the Lost Fortress have been waylaid by CO Olaf. It’s up to you to join up with them, beat back Olaf and secure the area. We need the Lost Fortress! Move out!

Neutral 2
Orange Star Yes 2
Blue Moon Yes 4
Total 2 8 0 0 0


Perfect Speed: 5 days

Withdraw your tanks and block the way with your mech during turn 1. In turn 2, withdraw the blocking Mech and use your second one to beat up the attacking tank. Use the 4 infantry in the back to go south and take out those enemy Infantry, or they might be rather troublesome.

With your tank ready to go, use it with your mechs to beat up the other tank, and chances are they’ll join the next turn (so make sure to kill it that turn, otherwise they’ll retreat and heal up). Use your infantry to take out the incoming enemy mechs. Your primary objective is taking out the enemy tanks; with that done, the rest of the battle should be piece of cake.

After the Battle

The Blue Moon forces have retreated! Capturing this are was vital to our strategy. Keep up the good work.
Nell? So, she does have her hand in this! That explains why this little group has been such unexpected trouble. This is unforgivable! Next time, I will give them a display of true might! Mark my words!
Outstanding, Advisor! You won!