Field Training 03 – Base Capture

Mission 3 – Base Capture

Capturing bases is the focus of this mission.

Briefing: Our current mission is to storm the Spire Hills. If successful, we should be able to drive that pompous, old… I mean, we should be able to force the Blue Moon forces to withdraw. If you remember, we faced two mech units in the last battle, right? In response, you have been given command of two mech units yourself.

Neutral 3
Orange Star Yes 0
Blue Moon Yes 4
Total 2 7 0 0 0


Perfect Speed: 9 days

Capturing is an essential part of Advance Wars, granting you great defensive cover, 20% HP recovery and 1000G per day. Since you have no deploying bases just yet, the only use you’ll get out of these cities is the cover and the healing, which comes in handy quite a bit. Move all your infantry units to the right on your first turn, and capture all 5 cities on your second turn.

By the time you’re done capturing, enemy infantry should be arriving. Let them come to you; by all means attack them first if they’re next to you, but I’d advise you to stay in your cities and take them out while there, since your terrain advantage will be highly noticeable. Do not worry about the tanks, since they can’t cross mountains and are therefore harmless as long as you don’t cross the mountains.

In the next turn, I recommend sneaking by an infantry through the south, around the mountains. In a few days, it should be able to reach the enemy HQ without stepping in range of the tanks; check their range often with B to make sure. Finish the enemy infantry units and capture the HQ for an easy A-rank.

After the Battle

Outstanding! You’ve reclaimed the area and forced Blue Moon to withdraw! There’s one more thing I have to tell you. You receive funds by capturing cities, right? Well, once you clear a map, you lose those funds. Sorry! Good luck on the next battle!
Unbelievable! We’ve been forced to withdraw? What’s going on? What were the tanks units doing? Those useless fools! I’ll take direct command next time. Grrr… I’ll show you! I’ll show you all!
Advisor wins!