Field Training 02 – Terrain Intel

This mission is on defensive terrain cover.

Briefing: Enemy forces have been spotted in the Alara Mountains. Their HQ is in another area, so we believe this is a covert attack. A covert attack… that sounds like something Olaf would try. Your goal is to take out these units. You’ve been given four Infantry units to carry out this operation. Let’s go!

Orange Star No
Blue Moon No
Total 0 0 0 0 0


Perfect Speed: 3 days

Welcome to Advance Wars– the game in the which your enemy always has better stuff than you. They will outnumber you and outgun you, so it’s up to you to outwit them and lead your nation to victory.

This mission, as it’s name implies, explains the usefulness of terrain, and as such, you should make good use of it. Use the first strike to your own benefit and attack from the highest defense terrain you can attack from, for optimized results. Despite having superior forces, Olaf should be down in no time.

After the Battle

You’ve done it! These units really were on a covert operation. Thanks to your planning, our troops took minimum damage. Keep up the good work!
Aargh! Another failure! After all of my careful planning, another botched mission! Grrr… Next time, I will prevail!
Victory is Advisor’s!