Field Training 01 – Troop Orders

Basic troop movement and attack controls are explained here.

Briefing: First, let me brief you on the situation. We’re in this large nation here, Orange Star. The country to the east is Blue Moon. The two countries have been bitter rivals for years. Border skirmishes had died recently… until that madman Olaf… Oh, excuse me. I mean, uhm… The Blue Moon CO, Olaf, suddenly ordered an invasion of Orange Star. So, the Alara region is now held by Blue Moon forces. Candidate Advisor, you have been given a mission. You are to drive Olaf from Alara and secure the region for Orange Star. I will be your support. Let’s move out!

Orange Star No
Blue Moon No
Total 0 0 0 0 0

Perfect Speed: 3 days

Just do what Nell says. Move your infantries as close to the enemy as possible; in your second turn, kill the first with both of yours. The next turn, pick on the other one. You should come out with both of your infantries alive, in 3 days.

After the Battle

You’ve defeated all of the enemy units! Your mission is a success! Keep up the good work!
What? Inconceivable! That land was mine! How did they lose it so easily? Grrr… Next time, victory will be mine!
Congratulations, Advisor! You won! Now you will see the rank that your strategy has earned you! Speed is based on how quickly you won, while Power is based on how well you concentrated your attacks and overcame your enemies. Technique is based on how many of your own troops were lost. You’ll earn a rank for each map you clear, so you can compare your scores to your friends’! Good luck!