Field Training 06 – Tank Ops

This is a chance to show me what you’ve learned. Are you ready?

Briefing: An entire company doing recon in the Coral Lagoon area has been lost. The Coral Fortress is surrounded by mountains, so it’s hard to imagine that there are many enemy units there. Still, an entire company it’s gone, so… The point is, we can’t afford to lose that territory. Time to get going!

Neutral 5
Orange Star Yes 1
Blue Moon Yes 3
Total 2 9 0 0 0


Perfect Speed: 7 days

Behold! The Medium Tank, king of the land, has appeared, and it’s ready to kick your ass. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the Orange Star army from certain doom?

Well, all drame aside, this mission is simply a test of what you’ve seen before. The MD. Tank won’t move from it’s spot unless it has something in it’s attack range, so don’t worry about it for now. Focus your attention on the enemy forces in the middle.

Beat the crap out of Olaf’s tank with your own tank. Use your APC to get a mech nearby the action (watch out for the Artillery!). Move your own artillery nearby, outside the range of the enemy tank (use the B button to check), and send your infantry units south to capture those cities and eventually cross the river.

In the next day, finish up the enemy Artillery and Tank with your own Artillery and Tank, as well as the mech. The full enemy tank should be arriving soon, so take your APC and place it in it’s range, as a decoy (choose the best terrain available). Start capturing the southern cities and get your infantries closer to the action.

The following turn, you should be able to destroy the second tank (by a combination of artillery, tank and mech; it doesn’t matter). Have your remaining forces do what they can against the pair of infantry in the middle, and have your remianing infantry cross the river (they should be near it by now). In the following day, kill the middle infantry and movilize your troops to the east.

Enemy mechs should be nearing by now, so stay out of their attack range and then blast them when they come near you. Use your weakened APC (it should have lived) to take an infantry mearby the enemy HQ (outside the range of the midtank!). Move all your troops, specially your tank and artillery, to the east, outside the range of the MD. Tank. Take another day at this if your troops are too far away; make sure your infantry is located 3 spaces below the enemy HQ.

In the next turn, you move your tank exactly one space below the northern bridge; two spaces below the MD. Tank, and proceed to use your infantry to start capturing the enemy HQ. The following turn, just finish capturing the HQ and win this match.

PS: If you’re a bad enough dude, you can block the MD. Tank with your tank as said above, and then place your artillery right next to it. During the following turn, use your artillery to hit the MD. Tank, and replace the nearly dead tank with some infantry or the APC. You can destroy the MD. Tank with the artillery the following turn; it takes one more day, but it feels more badass.

After the Battle

Honestly, I thought you were done for this time, but you did it! But now that Olaf has Md Tanks, our current tactics won’t suffice. I’ll have to ask central command to send us some, too. Keep up the good work!
What?!? Even my medium tanks were defeated??? THAT NELL!!! Hmm… But it doesn’t look like she has any medium tanks ready to use… Ha ha ha! I’m sure I’ll enjoy our next encounter!
Nice work, Advisor! You won!