Field Training 08 – Air Assault

Mission 8 – Air Assault

This mission deals with air units, fuel consumption and anti-air defenses.

Briefing: Good news! Orange Star’s Md Tank development team has succeeded! Plus, you’ve also been given some new and improved anti-airs! Now, let’s discuss the current operation, Advisor. An entire company has disappeared on its way to the front lines. It was made up mostly of Md tanks and tanks, so this is serious. It may mean that they ran into an air squadron complete with bom… No, that’s not possi… Forget it. It’s nothing. I’m sure I’m just reading too much into the situation. Well, time to get moving!
Orange StarYes5
Blue MoonYes2


Perfect Speed: 7 days

You will start the map with the enemy’s turn. Olaf will display how powerful his aerial forces can be. However, there is a fatal mistake and that is that they are running out of fuel and there is no way to refuel (you can do it either using an APC or if air forces are placed in an airport, neither of them he has).

On the second day, you will finally be able to use MD tanks and anti-air units, the later which are great to combat (as their name implies) aerial units. Use your infantry troops as decoys for Olaf’s b-copter and then counter with the anti-air.

After the Battle

NellWell, we’ve learned that Olaf has readied his bombers and fighters. The fact that he had no clue about keeping them supplied saved us. Good luck in the next battle. Keep up the good work!
NellWe forgot to refill the fuel tanks? What are you fools thinking??? Is it that hard to refuel an aircraft? Augh!!! Just wait until next time!
NellYou did well, Advisor!