AW3/AW4 Multiplayer Morphing Damage Charts

DOWNLOAD (aw-pvp.xlsx)

Hihi! For all your PvP (player vs. player) needs, here are morphing damage charts for AW3/AW4, which lets you adjust the ATK, DEF, and HP values to calculate the projected damage! These morphing damage charts have been simplified from the static damage charts for ease of use. Notes below:

  • Units sorted by PvP frequency: You will see core/capture, tech, niche, and transport. Core units are the most common, so be most familiar with those values! Some units play different roles in each game: the AW3 recon is a core unit, but the AW4 recon is a niche unit.
  • Color-coded matchups: An AW4 duster deals 8BD (base damage) to a tank. This is marked pink: it’s safe chip damage. On the other hand, an AW4 mech deals 12BD to a copter. There’s more BD, but the matchup is red: the mech will receive a high counterattack unless the copter is crippled.
  • Out-of-ammo secondary fire not included: Backup fire happens very, very rarely. If your tank runs out of ammo, you should really retreat it back to a city. Consult the static damage charts if you really need the values.
  • Defense isn’t automatically calculated: You’ll have to do this on your own. If you’re attacking a 7HP mech on a mountain, it doesn’t have 140D. It has 128D because terrain defense is HP multiplied by stars: 7HP x 4* = +28D. Remember that in AW3, all powers provide +10D. In AW3, woods and cities are 2* and 3*, while in AW4, it’s reversed: 3* and 2*.
  • Accurate rounding exception: The games have a quirk where each sub-calculation is rounded down. In AW4, 100A infantry vs. 100D infantry = 55%, but 130A infantry vs. 130D infantry = 54%. All AW4 DEF values with an odd number as the second digit (110, 130, 150, 170) will cause damage to be 1% less. All 1BD matchups will deal 0% if the defending unit has more than 100D or if the attacking unit has less than 10HP. Remember that 0% isn’t the same as no damage, as bonus luck damage could still happen.
  • No sea units: What’s a seaport, again? Sea units aren’t part of the regular PvP metagame.

AW4 trial map videos!

Our good man dxdydzd has been busy uploading Dark Conflict Days of Ruin trial map videos over the past few days! As of this post 21/38 trial maps have been covered. Check them out here!

Remember that as with all AW singleplayer runs, these videos assume ideal luck and conditions. If you’re having trouble getting the AI to do what’s on the video, make sure you know how to manipulate the random number generator (RNG). The easiest way to do so is to draw a 2-tile diagonal path. The RNG will choose one of two paths for the pathing line to follow. The RNG will also advance every frame while the damage box is bouncing.

AW4: Campaign Speedrun in 57:02

Hi! I love Advance Wars. I’m using my first post here to show off a speedrun! Special thanks to fellow WWNer ALAKTORN who helped out with strategies for a bunch of the missions. This is now the current world record, though admittedly there’s not much competition. Forum thread is here if you’d like to take part in this activity!

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