C05: Lash Out!

Map Data:

  • Map Case: Campaign
  • Players: 2
  • Difficulty:
  • Speed Rank: 7 Days
  • Player CO: Sami
  • Enemy CO: Lash


Map Strategy
Points: 300 pt. S-rank

NOTE:This will work about 90% of the time.

General Strategy: Build up SCO power while manuvering Lander with two Tank
T-copter with Mech to Lash’s HQ.

Day 1:

– Attack enemy Rockets with Battleship.
– Move Cruiser 4N 2W and attack enemy Sub.
– Move T-copter 4S 3E.
– Load both Tanks into Lander and move Lander 2E 5N.
– Load Mech into APC and move APC 3E and drop Mech north.
– Move Rockets as far north along road as possible.

Day 2:

– Move Rockets 1W 2N.
– Destroy enemy Sub with Cruiser.
– Attack/Destroy enemy Cruiser with Battleship.
– Destroy enemy Cruiser with wounded Sub.
– Move Lander 4N 1W and drop Tanks north and west.
– Load Mech in T-copter and move T-copter 5N 2W.

Day 3:

– Move western Tank 1N 1W and attack enemy Anti-air from the south.
– Move remaining Tank 1W and attack enemy Anti-air from the south.
– Drop Mech east.
– Move Battleship 5N.

Day 4:

– Attack most expensive enemy unit available with Rockets.
– Move western Tank 1N.
– Move Battleship 3W.

Day 5:

– Attack enemy Anti-Air with Battleship.
– Destroy enemy Anti-Air with Mech from the south.
– Move Tank 6E and destroy enemy Rockets.
– Attack enemy unit on enemy base with Rockets.

Day 6:

– If SCO power is unavailable, attack as many units as possible to build it
– Use SCO power.
– Capture enemy HQ.

Strategy by DTaeKim, map image by HPD.