HC04: Mountain Ops

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 4: Mountain Ops


Player CO: Sami
Enemy CO: Lash
Perfect speed limit: 23 days

This is easy. All you do is spam mechs, basically. The only thing you need is
a solid opening: Infantry on the north base, APC on the other. Move Infantry
to capture north city, move APC to springboard another Infantry towards the
first northern base, start Mech spam on the south base. Begin capturing the
northern city, load infantry into APC and unload one space short of its max
movement. The Infantry will take two turns to get to the base either way, so
if you stop short the APC can move back to pick up the infantry that finishes
capturing the city next turn. After that just build Artillery at the north and
shield them with Infantry or Mechs, your two starting bases can crank out

Spam Double Time to move your giant column of Mechs faster and hit harder or
Victory March on the HQ. It’s long and tedious but not difficult by a long

Strategy by DieselPheonix. Map image by Tsuruya.