HC20: Duty and Honor

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 20: Duty & Honor


Player CO: Kanbei
Enemy CO: Adder
Perfect speed limit: 17 days

This mission can be very annoying, as you really need to rush forward in order
to save your precious cities from being captured. Adder will complete his
capture by day 10 or day 11, depending on how he moves his units and when he
gets his powers. Keeping out of laser fire is vital, as you can’t afford to
let your units get hurt that badly. It fires on every even day (day 2, 4, 6,
…), so move forward when it won’t fire. Careful micromanaging your units is
the key to victory on this map.

Take out the northern laser quickly using one of your Rockets. This will open
up the upper part of the road for you. Have your Mechs scale the mountains
east of your starting point. They can take out the enemy units there,
including the MD Tank (Kanbei’s units are ridiculously strong, so they will
have little trouble even with that). After that, they should head towards the
second laser and destroy that using more indirects and one of your Mechs.

Take out the enemy Tank, Artillery and A-Air inbetween the laser paths using
your MD Tanks. Keep rushing forward with them at every opportunity and have as
many units move through as possible without putting them in laser range on
even days. If you are too slow, the enemy Neotanks will reach the choke point
at the bridge, along with a couple of Artillery. If they reach you, it’ll be
hard to push through. Have every unit available try to bust through the choke
and reach the cities. Once you’ve foiled Adder’s capture, mopping up the rest
of the units is easy.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.