HC22: Foul Play

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 22: Foul Play


Player CO: Sensei
Enemy CO: Adder
Perfect speed limit: 13 days

This mission is not all that hard, as you’ve been given command of a good six
Bombers and three B-Copters to wipe out Adder’s large number of pre-deployed
forces. Unfortunately, they can’t reach the area where your HQ is located
right away, as there are some pipes in between your air units and the HQ area.
Your objective is to destroy the three minicannons, but for now don’t worry
about them yet and focus on taking out Adder’s army first.

Your small forces near your HQ will probably be overrun by Adder, but the
trick is to hold out there for as long as you can so the Bombers and B-Copters
can come in to help. What you want to do in order to hold out the longest is
to move both your MD Tanks to the western choke and build a Tank from the east
base on day 1 in order to keep the eastern one. That lone tank will be enough
to hold Adder’s advance from the right. Unfortunately, the MD Tanks will have
a bigger problem holding the western choke due to Adder’s Artillery. Have one
standing on the city and move the other one northwest of it, so only one unit
can attack one MD Tank initially. It’ll probably have to retreat soon enough
to keep out of Artillery range, but make sure to keep your block as long as

The Artillery on your HQ should focus on taking out the pipe seam and the
A-Air south of it. Take out the A-Air first, then the seam. Build a Mech from
the western base on day 1 to take out the seam quicker and head to the
properties beyond it.

In the southern front, the B-Copters and Bombers should split up. Have one
half move north to destroy the seams leading to your HQ and have the other
half take the long way around the eastern section and destroy Adder’s forces
there. Adder has an Infantry heading to a missile silo right away. Do not let
it fire! If it does, it’s certain to hit a Bomber cluster, which hurts you
pretty badly. Rush a bomber towards it as fast as you can in order to stop it.

Use your Bombers and Copters on day 1 to take out the nearby MD Tank and
Artillery. It will trigger Adder’s COP, which brings one of his Tanks in the
northern front just north of the city holding the eastern choke. If you use
the tank that you built from the eastern base on the first day to strike it
from the city, it probably won’t be doing anything after that. It’ll keep on
its spot, blocking the eastern choke. You now only have to worry about Adder
coming in from the west and his Infantry and Mechs trying to scale the
mountains. You should be able to hold most of Adder’s forces out of your base
until the Bombers arrive. After that, this mission will be a walk in the park.

Make sure to use Airborne Assault. This will cause some Mechs to spawn from
the cities in the northwest. Use them to take out Adder’s Tanks there, as well
as the Rockets, then have them fire the two nearby missiles to decimate
Adder’s army. There are also a base and an airport to be captured there. Once
you have that airport, you can spam Bombers from it and move in to destroy the

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.