HC24: The Hunt’s End

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 24: The Hunt’s End


Recommended Player COs: Kanbei, Max
Enemy CO: Adder
Perfect speed limit: 25 days

The final Yellow Comet mission is not as hard as it looks. Kanbei and Max is
the ideal team here and makes this mission pretty easy to complete. As Max’s
Bomber is the only thing here that can destroy both the pipe seam and the
minicannon guarding it in one hit, he’s definetely the CO you want to use for
this task. Kanbei’s superior strength makes him the best YC CO to use. Sonja
and Sensei don’t have anything going for them here, so it’s best not to use

Max’s job is easy. Capture the port, build a Lander, ferry an infantry to the
airport in the northwest. Capture the airport and build two Bombers. Fly them
towards the pipe seam avoiding anything that can hurt them. Destroy both the
minicannon and the seam on the same day, possibly with the help of your powers
for extra movement. You don’t really have to worry about anything else, but
you’ll want to capture all of the properties on your own small island and the
ones next to the airport. In some cases, Adder’s Fighter, which he will
produce from the factory, will come to harass you. Make sure to keep you
Bombers out of its range (keep Adder’s power bar in mind!) and build a Fighter
of your own to take it out if it gets annoying. Hopefully, you won’t need that
long. You might also want to build a B-Copter at some point to assist your
Bombers (especially if Adder decides to shield the minicannon with a unit).

Kanbei’s job isn’t much harder than Max’s. With him, you’ll want to stall
Adder as much as possible. The best place for that would be the narrow choke
points to the east of Kanbei’s starting location. The mountain range there
splits up the path in two, with forests and a neutral base providing ample
defensive cover and even a place to deploy from. Kanbei will be virtually
indestructible here, so dig in and let Adder come to you. Adder will field
lots of units, so keep an eye on the unit count and make sure to destroy
enough units to get the power score. With a couple of Rockets, MD Tanks and a
few other units like Mechs, Infantry, Artillery, Tanks and A-Air, it should be
no problem to achieve perfect power, especially if you use your SCOP to get it.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.