HC26: Drake’s Dilemma

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 26: Drake’s Dilemma


Player COs: Drake, Kanbei
Enemy CO: Hawke
Perfect speed limit: 16 days

This mission is really easy to complete, but what makes it difficult is
getting the power score. Remember, Drake is the one who needs to destroy at
least 1/10th of the total enemy units built in order to achieve a 100 power

But first there’s the Black Cannons to be dealt with. In order to destroy them
you’ll have to move two B-Ships south through the reefs towards the two
cannons. Just have them head south through the reefs at all times except for
one moment, which is when you have to move all the way south through the
narrow strait. Don’t worry, you won’t be attacked here. Have the first B-Ship
move into range of the western cannon and the second one stand here as it can
just hit the eastern one from there. If you attack both cannons at least once
before Hawke can use Black Storm, you will finish this mission by day 8. If
you do, you’ll probably have to destroy 5 units with Drake in one day.

Now to destroy these five units, the trick is to use your Subs for vision
(have them dive or sit in reefs), your two remaining B-Ships in reefs ready to
destroy some enemy units and your Cruisers as bait for enemy Rockets in order
to charge up Typhoon. Don’t let the Cruisers get destroyed, but join them all
together after they’ve been hit by a Rocket. Build a Tank and two Recons from
your bases in the far south to destroy some additional units.

Kanbei’s role is to deal damage to Hawke’s units so Drake has something to
destroy. He has a missile near his base to hit a cluster of units and he can
build Recons (after two Infantry of course) to hit some Infantry coming in, as
well as providing enough vision.

With two B-Ships in the north, the second B-Ship that you sent south, the Tank
and the two Recons as well as Typhoon, you should be able to destroy enough
units in one day for perfect power. Try to destroy as cheap as possible units,
like Recons and Infantry, so Hawke won’t charge up his power bar as much.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.