HC31: Danger x9

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 31: Danger x9


Recommended Player CO: Eagle
Enemy CO: Hawke
Perfect speed limit: 9 days

Use Eagle. In this mission you need to have a T-Copter rushing towards the lab
to capture it. The lab area will be empty, and the main enemy forces are
located in the south-east of the map, with some units near the location you
start from with your B-Copters. You also have the option to rout the enemy in
these nine days, which is very well possible, if not easier. Use your Cruiser
for vision and to take out one of the B-Copters, which will be approaching
your base immediately. Build an A-Air and take care of the B-Copters quickly.
build a Recon in the middle to help provide your Rocket with vision. The
Rocket should be able to fire every day, until its ammunition is depleted.
Make sure your Recon doesn’t get destroyed by the enemy Rocket. Use the Rocket
to take out the Neotank and the A-Air, as well as the enemy Rocket and the
Artillery if it threatens your Recon. Advance with your B-Copters, build a
T-Copter and Infantry to capture the lab and build an Infantry to capture the
airport in the middle section. Also quickly build a Bomber from your airport,
and go take out the pipe seam and then advance southwards or take out the
damaged units that go to the city to heal. When approaching the time limit,
build Bombers from the middle airport. Take out the pipe seam leading to the
front and attack.

Don’t build units from the south base the first few days, only when you’re
definitely winning. Try to use the Mech there to attack the enemy Artillery
and as such expose itself and lure some Tanks towards it. Any unit that it can
draw away from the choke near your Rocket is one less unit obstructing your
advance towards Hawke’s main area and the lab itself.

Use a Lightning Strike at the right time and use it to break through enemy
lines (the Recon will provide you with enough vision). If you manage to rout
Hawke or capture the lab in less than nine days, you did a really good job on
this mission.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.