WR2-14: Dire Range

Map Data:

  • Map Case: War Room
  • Players: 2
  • Recommended CO: Anyone other than Kanbei, Max, Colin, or Sensei; COs with
    attack boosts for missiles are particularly good.
  • Opponents: Colin
  • Speed Requirement: 32
  • Points: 300pt S-rank
  • Days: 13-15

General Strategy: Capture the neutral base south of the western enemy airport. Build
missiles from there and use them to repeatedly destroy Colin’s fighters/bombers,
wasting his funds. Meanwhile, send a T-Copter to the HQ with a fighter as an

The Power score will take some work on this map. Capture the properties in the
south-center of the map and deploy tanks and/or air units from there.
It will likely be necessary to destroy four units; however, you should be able
to destroy one unit with the missiles, making this a little easier.

Day 1:

Build T-Copter and infantry.
Day 2:

Load infantry into T-Copter.
Move T-Copter 6N.
Build T-Copter and infantry.

Day 3:

Save here.
Move north T-Copter 6E. Do not drop infantry.
Load infantry into south T-Copter.
Move south T-Copter 6E.
Build nothing.

Colin Day 3:

He must not build a B-Copter in the west airport.

Day 4:

Move north T-Copter 4N 1E and drop north.
Move south T-Copter 6E and drop east.
Build fighter.

Day 5:

Begin capturing neutral bases in range.
Move fighter 9N.
Move north T-Copter 1N 3E.

Day 6:

Finish capturing properties.
Move fighter 9E.

Day 7:

Load north infantry into T-Copter and move 6E.
If a bomber was built in the west airport, destroy it with your fighter.
Build missiles in northern base.
Begin capturing other base in south-center and build an infantry there.
Alternatively, if the other base is in range of an enemy recon, begin
capturing the airport and build a mech instead.

From here, it gets more random. Essentially, you want to continuously
destroy the units built from the airport, while moving the T-Copter and fighter

It helps if Colin does not build anything from his northwest base until you drop off,
as most of those units will ultimately wind up interfering with the HQ capture, and
you want him to always build from the west airport. Use the fighter to delay or block
enemy units if necessary, and only drop off when you can do so safely.

Build tanks and air units in the south-center to assist with the power score. Try to hold
off on Power until the last two days, otherwise the enemy may build more units and
interfere with the HQ capture. Victory generally comes by Day 15, sometimes a little
Strategy by Dragon Fogel.