C08: Liberation

Map Data:

  • Map Case: Campaign
  • Players: 2
  • Difficulty:
  • Speed Rank: 17 Days
  • Player CO: Andy, Max or Sami
  • Enemy CO: Flak


Map Strategy
Selected CO: Max
Points: 300 pt. S-rank

General Strategy: Capture neutral airport as soon as possible, then wait
until you can destroy two units in one day. Destroy pipe seam following

Day 1:

– Deploy APC from northern base.
– Deploy Infantry from western base.

Day 2:

– Load Infantry into APC and move APC 2N 4W and drop Infantry N.

Day 3:

– Move Infantry 2N and begin capturing neutral airport.
– Move APC 2S 2N onto allied city.

Day 4:

– Enemy Recon must go west.
– Finish capturing neutral airport.

Day 5:

– Move Infantry off airport.
– Build Bomber from airport.
– Build Mech from northern base.

Day 6:

– Build Tank from southern base.

Day 7:

– Destroy enemy Recon with Mech and Tank.
– Destroy Anti-Air with Bomber from the east.

Day 8:

– Destroy pipe seam with Bomber.

Strategy by DTaeKim, map image by HPD.