C32: Great Sea Battle

Map Data:

  • Map Case: Campaign
  • Players: 4
  • Difficulty:
  • Speed Rank: 25 Days
  • Player COs: Andy, Max, Sami Eagle, Drake, Jess Kanbei, Sonja, Sensei
  • Enemy CO: Hawke


Map Strategy
Recommended COs: Eagle, Max, Sonja
General strategy: As soon as you start this mission, get Eagle to make 2 infantries and send them to capture the properties surrounding his HQ and just to the north of it on the islands, while staying out of the Black Cannon’s range. Leave the bundle of cites to the west for Max to claim: he’ll need the cash later on.

With Max make an APC at the westernmost base and an infantry at the easternmost base. You’ll want to capture the bundle of cities to the south of Max’s HQ as soon as possible.

With Sonja you’ll basically want to bide your time. Make 2 infantries and capture the cities on your island. Start saving up for a lander.

Once Eagle has captured most of the cities around his HQ and the cities to the north (Ignore the ones around the Black Cannon: Max will need all the cash he can get.) Star spamming B-Copters with Eagle to help defend the bridge nearest to the Black Cannon. If you feel confident, and can stop spamming copters for a few turns, save up for a bomber and bomb the Black Cannon.

With Max, continue capturing, and make a tank every turn or so. You’ll want to make capturing the base nearest to the Black Cannon a priority.

With Sonja, build a Lander and transport your 2 infantries over to the island in the far east. Capture it completely and make some anti-air defence system of some sort: Hawke will capture the 2 airports to the northwest as soon as possible and start making bombers every few turns. Build an army comprising mostly of tanks, a few md. tanks and a few a-airs and ferry them across to the island in the north. Destroy the cannons there. Once you’ve secured it more or less and nothing can get in or out, send over a squad of infantries and caputre the whole place, leaving the airport, base and city to the north alone: you don’t need them and they’re probably protected by indirects anyway. Save up for a rocket.

With Eagle and Max, just continue trying to hold the bridge. If they retake the area around the wreakage of their Black Cannon, restart.

Basically just bide your time with everything until you can get a rocket up with Sonja and destroy the Mini-Cannon with it. Move it up one square and open fire at the pipe for 2 turns. Done!


Strategy by bog-bog.