HC02: Orange Dawn

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 2: Orange Dawn


Player CO: Max
Enemy CO: Flak
Perfect speed limit: 34 days

The key to advance into Flak’s territory with a decent speed score is to
destroy the Laser Turret as fast as possible. The best way to do this is to
rush towards one of the ports that have an entrance to the inner sea with a
loaded APC (where the Laser Turret is located) and save up for a Battleship.
Also send two Tanks forward to hold up Flak’s troops from entering the island
with the base and the two inner ports. If you can lure his troops into laser
fire, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. After the B-Ship has demolished the
Laser Turret (which takes 3 turns to do), capture the base on the island (you
should have captured everything else on that island by now) and keep deploying
MD Tanks and regular Tanks. Along with the support of the B-Ship, Flak’s units
should fall easily for your superior numbers, and his choke points will get
smashed away. Just remember that Flak mustn’t get hold on any property on the
island with the base. If you manage to do that, you’re safe. It may take some
days to mop up Flak’s force though, but the time limit is very easy on you
this mission. You probably need to destroy 4 units in one turn to get a full
power score.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.