HC09: Toy Box

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 9: Toy Box


Player CO: Olaf
Enemy CO: Lash
Perfect speed limit: 27 days

This mission is pretty easy to win, but annoying to win quickly. There are
lots of choke points on this map and annoying locations of bases, making
advancing with your units to be quite difficult. The biggest choke point on
this map is just north of the eastern neutral base (the one surrounded by
mountains on the north, west and south sides). You really need to hold this
choke point to stop Lash from advancing. All of the territory behind this
choke is then up for grabs. Capture every city in this territory and the
neutral base near the choke to build up an advantage in income. Build a
sizeable army of tanks and artillery first to hold the choke and later to
press through. If you can, try to use your artillery to stop Lash from
capturing the neutral base west of the one near the choke. When you receive
enough income, build an army of MD Tanks, as they’re best suited to take out
Lash’s units when you have little room to maneuver. Don’t forget to take the
Lab Map from the city three spaces west of the neutral port. This battle
probably will take a good amount of days, but the speed requirement isn’t
really that strict. As this map prevents any quick advances from both sides,
don’t bother with Blizzard and stick with Winter Fury to actually do some
damage to Lash’s units.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.