HC11: Reclamation

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 11: Reclamation


Player CO: Colin
Enemy CO: Lash
Perfect speed limit: 20 days

This mission is fairly standard in its setup and really not all that hard,
considering this this is Hard Campaign. Lash starts with a couple of
pre-deployed units, but they won’t really move from where they are. Only a
Tank and a Recon will come to harass you early on.

Basically your strategy is to preferably use Mechs to dispose of the Recon and
Tank, then cross the river to capture the middle bases. Then use the three
missile silos and superior units to overwhelm Lash. Also immediately send two
Infantry south to capture the airport and bases there. The laser is not really
in your way as long as you are aware of its firing range. It’s probably more
often even hurting enemy units instead. Remember that it can’t kill your
units, so use that to your advantage when firing the missiles.

Don’t bother with Power of Money. Just use Gold Rush whenever it’s useful and
build a couple of Bombers. It’s shouldn’t be hard to win this one.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.