HC15: Neotanks!?

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 15: Neotanks!?


Recommended Player CO: Colin
Enemy CO: Lash
Perfect speed limit: 14 days

This map requires a bit of rushing to get to the Lab before the timer runs
out. Since you start out with little funds and a lot to build, I recommend you
choose Colin. Initially, you want to build a good deal of Infantry to capture
the few properties that you can easily get and to fire the missiles. After
that, build an A-Air, an APC and a couple of tanks and rush to the Lab.

Early on, Lash will send four B-Copters towards you, keep a Neotank, an MD
Tank and a Rocket near the Lab and will try to take the middle right base
with a Mech, Tank and Artillery. Everything else will mainly stick to the
upper left part, which is none of your concern.

The Infantry units that you will build on Day 1 should move towards the
northern and western missile silos and the eastern one should head for the
cities. On day 2 you build another three infantry and send them in the same
directions. Preferably, you want to fire two missiles on day 3 (one from the
northern two silos and one from the western two silos). You want to fire these
at the four B-Copters, the Mech, the Tank and the Artillery. If you’re lucky,
you can hit all seven units, bringing everything down to 4 HP. The B-Copters
will go for the northern infantry that just fired one of the northern
missiles. However, it should survive to fire another missile the next day on
the four B-Copters. An A-Air can take care of the rest, as the 1 HP copters
will all join together.

The pre-deployed Tanks that you have should at first protect the capturing
Infantry in the shouth so the B-Copters won’t go after them, but as soon as
the copters have moved west, you can rush in and kill the Tank, Mech and
Artillery before the Mech has the chance to finish capturing the base, making
your life a lot easier. Load one of your eastern infantry into an APC and have
it go to the Lab. You might want to capture the base first, but it’s not
really necessary.

In the west, it’s possible to capture the neutral airport. You need to build
a good amount of infantry and an artillery. An enemy A-Air will try to bring
down the Infantry, but if you keep joining it with fresh Infantry and shoot it
when the Artillery arrives, you can eventually capture it. Use it to help you
get a full power score. The A-Air that destroyed the B-Copter can come in to
help at this front. Keep an infantry close by to fire the remaining western

The three remaining missiles all should be fired at the Neotank, Rocket and MD
Tank protecting the Lab. The Lab doesn’t heal units, so hit them to 1 HP. A
Tank or three and the APC with the loaded Infantry can finish off these units
and capture the Lab before anything can come in from the northwest to prevent
you capturing it. Destroy three units in one day for a perfect power score.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.