HC28: To The Rescue

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 28: To The Rescue


Player COs: Eagle, Sami
Enemy CO: Adder
Perfect speed limit: 11 days

This mission is annoying. Adder has a large force deployed in order to prevent
you from reaching Sami. As it’s your job this mission to protect Sami, she may
not lose all of her units. Furthermore, you’ll have to destroy the four laser
turrets in order to win this mission. That, or capture Adder’s HQ. The latter
is much harder to achieve, though, so I suggest the former.

The most important thing you need to do during this mission is to be really
careful where you place your units. The number of anti-air units Adder has
deployed is huge. Also, you need to keep an eye on the laser turrets, as they
fire every day and are placed in such a way that it’s pretty hard not to place
units in their range of fire. On top of that, Adder’s powers grant all of his
units more movement, something which you also should keep in mind while
advancing. You don’t want an enemy A-Air to tear apart your carefully placed
Bomber just because you forgot to keep track of Adder’s power bar. So, at all
times, watch out! You are warned.

Before Eagle can reach Sami, he first has to deal with two batches of air
units heading his way. Fortunately, you’ve been given the means to repel this
assault. You’ll have to split up your Fighters and A-Air. It’s probably best
to have the A-Air move north with one Fighter and have the other two Fighters
move west instead. Some of the air units are likely to part from the main
hosts and head for Sami instead. Ignore those, Sami will have to deal with
them. Concentrate on taking out what’s heading for you. Above all, you’ll want
to destroy the Fighters first, as they can really hurt your Bombers. And
you’ll want your Bombers alive above all, as they will be your trump card for
destroying the laser turrets. If it means you’ll have to sacrifice your A-Air
and/or Fighters, then so be it.

Your B-Copters and Bombers should move northwest, in the direction of the
laser turrets. You’ll want them out of the way from the enemy air force and
have them reach Sami as soon as possible. Take out whatever ground units are
blocking your advance and move in. Destroy the southeastern laser turret in
the process, but don’t forget to keep out of range of the remaining ones.

When Adder’s air force is defeated, have whatever is left also move toward
Sami’s place. Fighters can come in handy to take out a few B-Copters as well
as preventing Adder from moving in with ground units. Blocking their path with
a well-placed Fighter might just give you the breathing room you need to
finish the mission.

Additionally, you might want to capture the neutral airport south of Sami’s
place with a loaded T-Copter. You might want to have the APC move east of
Sami’s place and capture the neutral base, but wherever you move it, I doubt
that it’ll be very useful to you. That airport, however, is, as you can build
a Bomber from there and have it destroy the southwestern laser turret.

The last two turrets you might want to blast simultaneously, as there are
Missiles guarding both. If you have a Lightning Strike saved up, that’ll work
perfectly. You might’ve used it earlier to repel Adder’s remaining air force,
though. It shouldn’t matter. Once you’ve reached Sami, move your two Bombers
from there and move in when you can.

As a final note, Sami herself should just dig in and sit it out. Place the
Rockets and Missiles in such a way that they can at least pick off a few units
before they go down. The Mechs can at least get rid of the Infantry. The A-Air
is likely to live if it doesn’t have a Bomber get first strike on it. Use it
to destroy Infantry and incoming B-Copters and Bombers. The APC should be
taken good care of. Place it out of range of all enemy units. Since it can’t
attack, use it as the primary unit to protect. Once you meet up with Eagle,
Sami should be safe.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.