HC29: Navy Vs Air

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Hard Campaign Guide

Mission 29: Navy Vs Air


Player CO: Drake
Enemy CO: Hawke
Perfect speed limit: 28 days

This mission shouldn’t be all that hard to beat. This map got completely
turned over from the Normal Campaign version, but it’s just as easy to beat.
Hawke will advance very slowly on ground, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem
for you to gain a lot of ground quickly. You should be able to reach and
capture the neutral base in the middle long before Hawke will reach it and
even stop him from capturing the neutral airport and claiming it for your own.
When the entire center section is yours, just overwhelm Hawke with superior

Dealing with the early air units is fairly standard. You have been given
enough anti-air units to deal with all of them. Beware of the Bombers, though,
as they can easily wipe out a Cruiser when they get first strike. It’s not too
bad if you lose some, though. In the mean time, just keep advancing on the
ground, prioritizing on grabbing the neutral base in the middle. You should
also capture the small island on the south with the neutral properties on them
and at least fire the missiles on the northern island on whatever Hawke has
that’s annoying you the most at the moment. Hawke will build most of his air
units from the northernmost airport, so it might not be entirely possible to
capture all of the properties on the northern island. It doesn’t matter,
though, as long as Hawke doesn’t get them instead. If you can, try to send
back air units to airports to heal. This will halt air unit production for a
while from that airport while draining a lot of Hawke’s income. Power and
technique shouldn’t be much of a problem here, just overwhelm Hawke with a
superior ground assault and he should go down easily.

Strategy by HPD. Map image by Tsuruya.