WR2-12: Toil Ferry

Toil Ferry Guide

Recommended CO: Everyone except for Kanbei

Opponents: Hawke

Speed requirement: 20 Days

Points: 300pt S-Rank

Days: 9

Day 1: Build T-Copter and infantry.
Hawke Day 1:
Day 2: Load infantry into T-Copter. Move T-Copter in general direction of enemy HQ. Build second T-Copter and infantry.
Hawke Day 2:
Day 3: Move first T-Copter towards enemy HQ. Load second infantry into second T-Copter and move it towards enemy HQ as well. Build nothing.
Hawke Day 3:
Day 4: Move both T-Copters towards enemy HQ. Build fighter.
Hawke Day 4:
Day 5: Move T-Copters and fighter towards enemy HQ. (Build tanks today and the next to prepare for the incoming recon.)
Hawke Day 5:
Day 6: Move both T-Copters and fighter towards enemy HQ. Keep first T-Copter out of attack range of enemy units, rather than trying to drop off the infantry. (I say, don’t push your luck.) (Start preparing to attack the recon.)
Hawke Day 6:
Day 7: You can now attack the copter the AI just built with your fighter. If you’re not using a character with weak fighters, you’ll destroy it. Otherwise, it’s no big deal. Drop off both infantry in range of the enemy HQ (but out of range of the artillery that’s likely still in the area.)
Hawke Day 7:
Day 8: There’s a good chance that one of your infantry is at full health, so use it to capture the HQ. Try capturing a base with the other infantry to draw attention to it instead. (If you used a CO with weak air units, the copter will still be alive, barely, and a fighter will be built; otherwise, a new copter and missile launcher will be built. In either case, destroy the copter and whatever was dropped off on your shore for power, but you may lose the fighter, and thus have a harder time making Technique, if you can’t destroy the copter while keeping out of missile range.)
Hawke Day 8:
Day 9: (Build for technique if need be.) Finish capturing the HQ.

Strategy by Dragon Fogel.