Md. Tank

Cost – 16000
Md (medium) tank units’ defensive and offensive ratings are the highest of the ground units.
5 This unit travels on treads. This is its movement range.
1 This is the unit’s vision range.
50/50 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 – Cannon – 8/8 Weapon 2 – M Gun
1 1
Md tank units’ primary weapons can fire on the units below.
The secondary weapon is the machine gun.
General Information and Strategy

The Medium Tank is the biggest gun in ground combat. It trades the original Tank’s mobility, vision and cost-efficiency for sheer Firepower and amazingly strong armor. Is the big bad dude worth over double the price it’s small bro?

Well, if you have the money and feel it’s necessary to add a lot of firepower to your arsenal, go ahead. However, take note that the Medium Tank has less fuel, ammo, movement and vision than the Tank. It’s less flexible and will often be more useful when you have a lot of funds, not so many bases to deploy from or when the battle is occurring near to one of your bases. In other words, when you’re encouraged to concentrate a lot of firepower in a unit.

The simple presence of the Medium Tank is enough to make many armies back out. While the MD. Tank is not as mobile as the Tank, 5 movement tiles at Thread type is nothing to scoff at. Medium Tanks are a pile of huge firepower just waiting to fire upon the enemy. It’s a great unit when you need the extra power to break through your opponent’s defenses, and it’s an excellent defensive unit too. Unlike the Tank, the Medium Tank uses it’s enormous firepower to be a threat; and that alone gives it a whole world of situations to be useful on. So don’t count it out as an unmaneuverable, situational unit.

So you have this beast to take care of. How do you beat it? Well, you could go through the same path and get another MD. Tank. While not the most recommended way to deal with the situation (MD. Tanks deal the standard 55% damage to themselves), if your enemy teched up to MD. Tanks, you’ll have to follow sooner or later; even with heavy terrain, nothing will survive constant attack from one of those bad boys. But the best way to take them down is Indirect fire.

At just 6,000 you can get an Artillery unit, which actually has the same movement range as the Medium Tank. Deploy one of these smackers, perhaps with your very own Medium Tank, and you can take on that MD. Tank. While very low-ranged, if you position your units well, you can keep the MD. Tank from attacking you in fear of the Artillery dealing some heavy damage to their expensive unit. Or, if you don’t need to move so much, you can for a Rocket.

Rockets won’t be able to make the battlefield if they’re too far away, so if that’s the case, stick to Artillery. But if you don’t need them to move so fast, Rockets make for awesome MD. Tank defenses. They deal whoppin’ damage to MD. Tank units, and have enough range to simply park all the way back of your frontlines and still be able to represent a big threat. And it comes for 1,000 less than a MD. Tank, so you can get an infantry along as extra defense ;).

To sum up, the MD. Tank is the king of the hill, but that doesn’t keep it from being sniped off the hill. Deploy them when in need of heavy firepower, either for defense or offense, but be careful when using them in FoW, because they’re completely blind without support.