Cost – 15000
Rocket units are valuable because they can fire on both land and naval units.
5 Rocket units travels on tires. This makes them more difficult to deploy than artillery units.
1 This is the unit’s vision range. It needs intel from other units to fire in Fog of War.
50/50 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 – Rockets – 6/6 Weapon 2
3 ~ 5
Rocket units can fire on the units below.

General Information and Strategy

The Rocket, this is the ground’s big guns. It’s not only the strongest indirect unit which you can drive, but also the one with the largest range.

However, it is not as flexible as the Artillery. It’s armor is less efficient, it’s minimum range is increased, and it moves on tires. In other words, to protect it you’ll have to resort to using more important means. You’ll have to plan carefully when it’s deployed to make sure it always has some form of protection.

Ideally, you’ll be using the Rocket when you wish to be able to hit far away, or if you want to cover a large area and when you have little to do to protect the Rocket. Rivers and Mountains create natural chokes and will block any direct unit capable of crossing the rocket’s range and attacking it.

In Fog of War, you’ll usually find indirect units to be much more useful. That is because they can hide in forests. And units hidden in forests cannot be seen through normal vision, which increases the chance of an opponent unit entering the rocket’s range. And for units in forests to be attacked, the opponent will first need to have a unit next to said forest. In other words, the indirect unit has additional protection. However, don’t believe that because of its range the rocket is the best to use. Both Rocket and Artillery have little vision and depend on other units to be their eyes. Unfortunately, while the Artillery can fire at relatively close range, and thus doesn’t require you to send your units far away to be of use, the rocket will depend on your ability to uncover intel (and recons) since it can only fire relatively far away. Unfortunately, most units can’t see so far away… On the other hand, the Rocket is also harder to discover.

Regardless, don’t underestimate the Rocket as its huge range completely makes up for its weaknesses.