Cost – 12000
Missile units are essential in defending against air units. Their vision range is large.
4 This units travels on tires. This is its movement range.
5 This is the unit’s vision range.
50/50 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 – Missiles – 6/6 Weapon 2
3 ~ 5
The primary weapon of missile units are anti-air missiles. They can fire on the units below.
General Information and Strategy

Ah, the Missile is a unit I am quite fond of. Unfortunately you’ll find little occasions where their deployment is in any way useful. You can very simply forget about them in any map without an airport. Even in Fog of War, the recon will do a better job at gathering intel.

The Missile has lousy movement, 4 actually, which is already severely hindered due to having tire type of movement. So you’ll usually have to plan where and how you’ll be deploying it.

The Missile is an indirect unit which can only fire at air units. Unfortunately, most air units have good movement and its quite hard to catch them off guard into your range. The Mssls is still a fantastic behind the lines support unit, destroying even enemy planes in one shot. Something which the AA can’t do and which could be quite annoying at a choke. The Mssls is quite cheap, considering the units it can fire on tend to be quite costly. The Mssls is the easiest way to make your opponent enrage about being unable to deploy an air unit without deadly consequence while also being unable to remedy the situation. As an indirect unit, you’ll indeed find it easy to hide or protect the cause of the airport block.

But the Missile is a unit which shines in Fog of War. It’s immense vision range allows it to fire on whatever air unit it can see. This is only aggravated by the fact that air units can’t hide by any means. Also, in Fog of War, air unit movement is less of an issue since caution takes over and usually prohibits player from moving into potentially dangerous territory. Finally, in fog of war, it is hard to determine from where the Missile has attacked you. The Missile can thus prove to be a surprise to the opponent or confuse him further.

The Missile is useful due to it’s amazing vision which allows it to work by itself in Fog of War and be a total pain to those low-sighted Air units.