Cost – 8000
A-air units work well against foot soldiers and air units. They’re weak against tanks.
6 This units travels on treads. This is its movement range.
2 This is the unit’s vision range.
60/60 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 – Vulcan – 9/9 Weapon 2
The primary weapon of A-air units is the Vulcan cannon. It can fire on the units below.
General Information and Strategy

The Anti-Air unit is not what some would call essential, because it has very specific uses and can’t do a lot of different things. But it’s very useful, because it’s excellent at what it can do.The Anti-Air, as it name implies, it an Anti-Aerial unit. It can kill both T-Copters and B-Copters with a single hit of it’s Vulcan Cannon, and Fighters and Bombers are seriously damaged by it. B-Copters can’t deal any significant damage to it (and will get completely blown away in the counter), which means the only Aerial unit capable of doing something against the Anti-Air is the Bomber, and almost three times it’s cost. This is one of the reasons the Anti-Air comes in handy; it’s a cost-effective way to keep an enemy Aerial force at bay. By just 8,000 the Anti-Air can dispose of any Aerial unit effectively.

It’s not, of course, a perfect solution. The Anti-Air is a ground unit, that while quite mobile, remains a ground unit and can’t cross several types of terrain. Air units, on the other hand, have no restrictions in their movement, so they can place themselves safely away the claws of the Anti-Air. The Anti-Air is also weak to Tanks (which of course, are common like the plague), so your opponent might seek to take out your Anti-Airs with ground forces before using their Aerial fleets. Of course, you must counter with your own ground forces.

It’s also worth noting that besides Air units, the Anti-Air is very effective against Infantry units. It’s one of the few units that have a guaranteed kill against Infantry on roads, and it’s also the cheapest one able to do so. So, even if there’s no Air units, this little smacker can come in handy to kill those pesky Infantry that might be blocking your way.

All in all, the Anti-Air shines as one of the best support units for any ground force, coming at a cheap price and working wonders. Deploy them as you see fit.