WR2-10: Mial’s Hope

Mial’s Hope Guide
Recommended CO: Eagle

Opponent: Sensei

Speed requirement: 25 days

Points: 300 (S-Rank)

Days: Up to day 4

Eagle Day 1: Build T-copter from eastern airport. Build Infantry from the 3 easternmost bases.
Sensei Day 1:
Eagle Day 2: Capture city with infantry in range. Move southernmost infantry 3N. Load remaining infantry into T-copter. Move T-copter 5E, 1S, drop infantry E. Build T-copter from eastern airport. Build Infantry from the 2 easternmost bases.
Sensei Day 2:
Eagle Day 3: Finish capturing city. Move northernmost infantry 3N. Move southernmost infantry 3E. Move easternmost infantry 3E. Load remaining infantry into T-copter. Move westernmost T-copter 5E, drop infantry E. Move remaining T-copter 2S. Build AA from easternmost base (this could easily be a B-Copter or even a Tank, however I find an AA to be useful to fend off a potential early copter attack).
Sensei Day 3: For easiest completion, you want Sensei not to move his B-copter Westwards. In fact, I’d probably restart if he does it, as it’s quite annoying.
Eagle Day 4: Move AA 1N, 5E along road. Begin capturing airport with easternmost infantry. Load the two westernmost infantry into their respective T-copters. Begin capturing airport with northernmost infantry. Begin capturing city with remaining infantry. Move T-copters towards Sensei’s HQ (i.e. south-eastwards). Build nothing this turn

Wrap Up:
Finish capturing the airport and other properties. It’s difficult to write a day by day from here, as your moves will depend somewhat on Sensei’s moves. However, the fewer units Sensei uses aggressively, the better. You can handle a recon or copter with your AA, but anything else will give you a bit of trouble. Build a bomber at the newly captured eastern airport on Day 6, and a fighter on Day 7. You should be able to use the fighter to destroy the Bomber Sensei builds, and hopefully use the bomber to destroy or cripple the AA if it’s in the way. Using these two units and your transported infantry, assault the HQ. You may have to blow up an APC (or something else) that Sensei leaves there. Make sure you block off the two cities below the HQ with T-copters when Sensei is about to use his power, otherwise the mechs that spawn will ruin your capture attempt. You should be able to capture the HQ on day 11 or 12. You’ll need 4, maybe 5 units in one day for the power score, and you can probably cope with losing two units and still get perfect technique.

Strategy by thefalman.