Cost – 7000
Tank units have high movement ranges and are inexpensive, so they’re easy to deploy.
6 Tank units travels on treads. This limits the types of terrain they can cross.
3 This is the tank‘s vision range. It’s fairly wide for a ground unit.
70/70 This is the current fuel amount. The unit can no longer move when all the fuel is used.


Weapon 1 – Cannon – 9/9 Weapon 2 – M Gun
1 1
A tank unit’s primary weapon can fireon the units below.

The secondary weapon is the machine gun.

General Information and Strategy

Here we are. The Tank unit; the standard, the basics, the meats and potatos of ground-based combat. When deploying an army, you’ll notice the tank is a name that appears often.

Tank units can deal with most of the threats you’d find in land-based combat. They deal great damage to all ground units with the sole exception of the MD. Tank, and it’s fairly obvious why. This doesn’t mean they’re the all-mighty landlords; while they do deal about 55% or more to all ground units, they still take a pounding from Mechs, other Tanks (of course), and most importantly, indirect fire.

In other words, the Tank is the middle point in ground warfare. It outlasts Recons, Infantry and everything that belongs to the capturing phase, and forces the opposing player to tech up as well. The tank is the unit that puts an end to the capturing phase and says when the real warfare begins.

To do this, it has three main assets. First of all, as mentioned above, it deals excellent damage to everything but MD. Tanks, including opposing Tanks. Right along with this, is his second asset: The tank is extremely mobile. It has an above-average 6 tiles of movement and travels on treads, which means it’s the fastest ground unit. And lastly, the tank is heavily armored, which allows it to effectively make Machine Gun units obsolete.

So, if the tank scares everything but himself away, what’s left? Artillery units. Artillery units are cheaper than Tanks, bear quite decent mobility and deal a whoppin’ 70% damage to Tank units. But of course, Artillery can’t work without support, and the supporting unit protecting them is, surprisingly, the very same Tank. So, all in all, the tank unit steals away the ground warfare spotlight and usually is the most common unit in a standard game.

That said, the tank remains a simple ground unit. It will fail at sight of B-Copters and Bombers, not to mention B-Ships. While the king of it’s land, it won’t do well at all if you factor in Aerial and Naval warfare, so of course, deploy a balanced army to win.

The tank’s strength is in it’s decent cost and extreme versatility.